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The Truth About Work Gloves

By Sherry Gross

The human hand is a very important part of the anatomy. This could very well be our advantage over the other animal species that are found in nature. The hands allow one to do many things and accomplish more work. Going through daily life activities is made easier and simpler with the use of our hands.

It is also very important in connecting with other people. A handshake can signify an agreement. It can end warfare, it can form new and lasting bonds. The hands can also be used to communicate, especially when the mode of communication is through sign language. It can also be used to narrate a story through a series of punched dots more commonly known as Braille.

A glove is a garment that is used to cover the whole hand. Usually they have distinct sheaths for every finger. They have been used for so many years, even as early as the time of the ancient Greeks. They came to be most popular in the 16th century, when Parisian women started using them as a fashion ornament. By the time of Queen Elizabeth I, these were encrusted with precious gems or made entirely out of lace, silk, or linen.

Today, they do not only serve fashion purposes. There are various kinds of gloves to perfectly suit every need. There are even peculiar designs such as the fingerless variety that does not have coverings for the fingers, as only the palm is being covered. This weird design is actually beneficial for those who play musical instruments such as the piano because the plain ones can get in the way when you try to play a particularly fast piece.

There are also ones that are made of a disposable material that allows you to throw them away after use. These kinds are to be used only once, which makes it appropriate for medical uses. You see doctors and nurses and other medical professionals use them all the time, especially when they have to protect themselves from contact with bodily fluids of a patient.

In the world of sports, they are also used in a variety of games and come in a variety of forms. For example, the catchers mitt in baseball looks more like a bowl. This provides maximum catch leverage. The boxing gloves appear to be like fat mittens. This is due to the padding stuffed inside. If this is not put in, boxers will injure their fists during a match. Archers have plain looking ones, but they are very sturdy and very hard to cut.

Animal handlers, especially those who work with animals that can attack them with sharp claws and beaks use a sturdy type made from the strongest leather. It is also of utmost importance in falconry. The razor sharp talons of the bird can cut through the arm when the bird perches on top of it, so it is very important that a falconer uses a special hand covering especially when training a bird.

It is also a very important part of the fireman ensemble. Their gauntlets protect their hands and arms from burns. This makes them able to work better in the face of fire.

If your hands are exposed to hard work all the time, you must protect them well. If you do not use gloves, you increase your chances of having blisters and splinters. This is of great use especially for the people who work with plants.

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