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More Classic TV Sitcoms Around The World

By Ida Dorsey

American citizens are always delighted whenever they turn on their television sets to catch an episode of an old show. Currently there are two stations which air classic tv sitcoms. Atenna TV and METV seem to be going very well at this point in time. Years ago English citizens knew that they could watch the fabulous program "Are You Being Served?" whenever it was on television.

"Are You Being Served?" was introduced back in the early 70's and people really took a liking to this unusual program. Each individual around enjoyed seeing the different colors that Mrs. Slocombe would wear her hair each week. This was an odd character who never failed to make every single person within the audience laugh. Molly Sugden was able to play this key person through the entire run of the series. She and the other cast members had such grace and style.

The show "Keeping Up Appearances" will make any person think about the great Hyacinth Bucket. This is one zany character who wants to be a millionaire. Unfortunately Hyacinth also thinks that she is above anyone else living within her neighborhood. This person also does not like her own sisters since they are basically loose women. Her sibling Rose is a woman who likes to chase younger men and she will never really find true happiness. Meanwhile Daisy is married to a common man and they live on the poor side of town.

Some people enjoy watching "The Beverly Hillbillies" while others think that this is the worst show ever. Fortunately the program proved to be a big winner for CBS and it had a long run. The two major women within this series were Granny and Ellie Mae and they were both glamour gals.

Granny had a grandson named Jethro and he was a pitiful creature. He was a big good looking man who did not display good common sense. Sometimes Jethro would get himself into the most dangerous situations and his uncle would have to save his life. The people living on an island during the 1960's also needed saving.

The program was titled "Gilligan's Island" and it was one spectacular event. The professor was a tall good looking man on this island and he did his best to lead these very unfortunate people. Everyone in Hollywood were wondering what happened to the famous movie star Ginger Grant when she was shipwrecked. A girl named Mary Ann was living on a farm in Kansas when she decided to take a three hour tour.

Alice Kramden was the fictional wife of Ralph on one series titled "The Honeymooners." Alice would often speak her mind to Ralph and he would tolerate this behavior. Sometimes the two of them would have horrible fights that would more than likely end any marriage.

During the 1960's there was also a family of five living in New York City. They were all on a program called "Family Affair." The major player on this series was a man named Bill and he shared an apartment with Sissy, Jody, Buffy and Mr. French. At times Mr. French seemed a bit jealous of the children since he wanted to live a childless life. As the series went on this great man from England became a second father figure to the three small tykes.

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