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The Career Of Tanya Shamray

By Ida Dorsey

Spas are all the rage in the world today because the health industry has been booming ever since more and more people have been more aware of their health. In the field of Esthetics, which is an art practiced by many people working in spas all over the world, the name Tanya Shamray has probably appeared. She is one of the most well known estheticians in the entire world.

Now she started out studying all about esthetics in the country she was in at that time which was Russia. Now it was here that she studied all about the health and beauty industry. She actually studied under Vera Popova who was actually the owner of the biggest spa in Russia.

Now after she studied under miss Popova, she wanted to move to another country to study more techniques abroad and try to find more opportunities. She moved to America in order to search for better opportunities for her career. Upon reaching America, she signed up for another course in esthetics in one of the best schools there in Boston, MA.

She went to the Boston school known as Catherine Hinds School of Esthetics wherein she took up a Master Esthetics Program here. She graduated in 2009 and eventually started working in salons that were in the area. She first started working in salons as it was easier to find a job in salons as she used her experience to apply for better places of work.

Now she first started her work in local spas in Boston after she finished her course in the Catherine Hinds School of Esthetics. After she worked in salons, she decided to amp up her career by trying out some work in some spas. It was in the spas that she really learned new techniques and gained more knowledge about the industry.

One of her most unique services that she would offer to clients would be her facial massage that all of her clients would clamor for. Her facial massage technique is something that is extremely unique because it is able to immediately firm the skin, reduce the wrinkles that can be found in the face and overall give it a very youthful look. So when clients come from this massage, they would actually be able to look years younger than when they actually entered the door.

Now she also provides other services as well aside from the facial massage such as hydrafacials as well as chemical peels that are able to take away the dead skin found on the outer layer of the skin. She can also do laser hair reduction as well as microdermabrasion. Of course these are only some of the things that she can offer to clients but there are many more.

Miss Shamray is definitely known to be one of the best that is in the field. She has been a practitioner of esthetics for almost fourteen years already which makes her very experienced. All clients that have been under her have all been more than satisfied with her services.

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