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Understanding Symbols In Tarot Card Readings

By Stacey Burt

In ancient time, original psychic readings were often performed with traditional playing cards. Each suit representing a different energy. Rune and tarot card readings have come a long way since that time. Two great representations of this are custom runes, and spiritually artistic decks like the Goddess Oracle by Hrana Janto.

Some readers frown against others touching the cards. Others find that this is the only real way to exchange energy with a client. When doing so, it is important to cleanse the cards between each reading either with sage, or some other form of clearing process.

Generally psychics offer past, present and future readings though there are also those who provide more specialized versions. One is the "lifepath psychic reading, " which focuses on current events, how the energies and issues came about and the best way to make changes if desired. Whereas, other versions include traditional tarot, career oriented and past life readings.

One particular type of reading is that of the "Lifepath Psychic Reading, " though this type of reading is quite rare. It is believed there may only be one reader in the United States who offers this proprietary type reading. A reading which reveals not only past, present and future but current situations, what has brought these issues into the environment, and how to cleanse or clear the energy if so desired.

While some readers provide a choice of different reading layouts to clients, others only use one deck by one artist, especially if that deck has proven to assist in foreseeing issues with others that have played out in the past. It is believed the Max Heindel deck is one of the most powerful with regards to psychic energy and picking up and exchanging energies between reader and client.

Different areas provide different locations to obtain a reading. In Austin, and New Orleans for example, readers can often be found in entertainment districts. Whereas, others prefer to work at festivals, whether art, music or spiritual. While others prefer to obtain readings either over the phone, or online.

While some palmists and psychics can be found working independently, or for local companies in entertainment districts, festivals or Pagan bookstores, others work out of private home and offices. Currently, phone and online offerings are beginning to outperform local and traveling psychics. Although, a resurgence I freak shows could also result in a resurgence of fortune tellers at carnivals as well as other festivals around the world.

Lastly, readers, old and new need to realize there are going to be skeptics who ridicule psychics and the profession as being fraudulent. Only those who have seen the power of the tarot through accurate "Lifepath Psychic Readings, " or traditional ones are going to be the biggest believers. Whereas, those who believe the act of reading cards, palms and other aspects of the occult are of the devil will most likely never believe the beauty or magic of the many different decks now available in bookstores and online.

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