lundi 15 décembre 2014

The Significance Of A Gay Guide To Fabulous Living

By Lucia Weeks

There are millions of gay people around world, but only thousands of them who showed themselves to the society. There are still some of them who are hiding from their own shells and scared to show who they really are. The negative things and threats they have heard in the environment are the primary reasons why they feel fear for their own lives.

But, always remember that no one is forcing you to come out, especially if you fee unsafe to expose the truth that you are a gay. Instead, stay away from the place and attend to support groups that can help you cope with your sexuality and live in a more liberal world where you can express yourself. This would be a good start for you and to consider a gay guide to fabulous living.

Actually, there would be times that you hate what you are. However, if you explore the real world, make some friends and people who can accept who you area, then you will also learn to accept yourself and life would not that hard as it seems. You cannot change your sexuality, that is a fact and you cannot opt for it. It is the nature that has made you.

Although it seems so harsh to know, but that is the way it is. You will only live once, so you have to find ways to make the most of the opportunities, skills and challenges that have been handed to you. Oftentimes, gay teenagers feel the same way that no one will accept them and they tend to commit suicides and kill themselves.

As you can see, problems are not always there and solutions are always present. But, once you commit suicide, it is permanent. So, even your life seems so difficult, but you have to follow your heart and accept everything. You may consider freedom to choose your own life. You have to choose a fabulous living.

This would be your chance to overcome all hardships and to become brave to face all challenges. You are not the one who choose to that way. So, love yourself. Hating may only cause bitterness and even hatred. Of course, no one wants to be like that forever. So, try to learn to accept everything and you can tell yourself that you are already free from hatred and bitterness.

Once you have trust yourself that you have done nothing and you are worthwhile and good enough, then you will also feel happy all the way. You will also be accepted by the culture, religion and the whole society as well.

Accepting your sexuality makes it sounds like that you have defeated something and someone who turned you down. It is better to celebrate the character traits that life has given you. Acceptance also means liberation.

But before it happens you tend to avoid those things and try to reject your feelings and desires even you feel conscious about yourself. Once you have accepted who you really are, you will also feel a huge relief and happy with your life. You ca now help others to catch up and accept you as well. Before the society accepts you, you will be the first one to accept your own.

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