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Are You Aware Of These Article Submission Tips And Tricks_

ï»؟Are you canny of These Article Submission Tips and Tricks?

The ‘KEYWORDS’ area is position you add two lines of comma-separated keywords. The number of characters, including the letters, is 100 (*in the online template*). Some directories allow 100, others addition to 200.

Save as a plain words (.txt) progression – but don’t exit yet!

Go through your exemplar again add html, as dispense. Some directories allow codes being bold, italics, unordered lists, ordered lists, etc. direct the file also – indicating in the filename that this is the HTML version.

For example, you should have two filenames, alike to the following:

How-to-Write-an-Article.txt How-to-Write-an-Article-HTML.txt

Next set augmentation a spreadsheet. The first time you submit to a new directory, gain a manual submission. You can register if required, get a atmosphere for the ‘tone’ of the directory, and check arrangement and linking requirements. Make notes in your spreadsheet. If you worth article submission software for subsequent submissions, you will be cognizant exactly how to configure your usage owing to each directory.

The resource box at the deliver of this article provides a link to a page hole up both versions of a pedantry article, the template, and an exhibit spreadsheet.

Good luck with your submissions!

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KEYWORDS: 100CHAR==============

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