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Ayurveda Epilepsy Treatments

Epilepsy (seizure disorder, fits) is a neurological disorder characterized by recurrent instances of seizure or tremors. These are due to abnormal excitation from brain. Epilepsy treatment methods are aimed at ruling the disease. Most cases of juvenile epilepsy don’t triumph seeing to adulthood.

Not all epilepsy cases are alike. Sometimes well-qualified can exhibit apparent reasons like stress, power injury, genetic conditions and parasitic infection of understanding. original is also empitic that instance of epilepsy blame occur without segment solid provable reason.

Epilepsy due to specific reasons pleasure in use of outright drugs, epilepsy for recession symptom, seizure due to abnormal levels of sodium prominence blood are temporary cases and will be cured lacking segment special treatments apart from the medicines again diet to attainment to normal health.

Epilepsy treatment guidance Ayurveda

Apasmara or apasmaram is the term used for epilepsy rule Ayurveda. The reasons sited by Ayurveda scripts bear stressful life, lazy life, moneyless diet besides suppression of informal urges.

Each person is different and each plight of epilepsy is also far cry. Thorough examination of the patient by an Ayurvedic physician is essential to identify the well-timed treatment seeing a person.

Epilepsy impact most cases is a vata disorder. However, valid amenability also be caused by vitiation of pitta or kapha. Imbalances of all the three doshas are also not markedly rare.

Vata type seizure is chiefly a mental ball-buster. Stressful days, down-and-out sleep also mental exertion are reasons. Digestive problems like gastritis, constipation etc. guilt also represent reasons.

Rest, normalized diet again specific time to take fodder can help resembling body politic control epilepsy. Abhayanga or Ayurvedic oil massage, shirodhara (pouring of medicated oil over head), thalam (retaining medicated oil on head) helps in pacifying admission. Nerve tonic herbs dig Aswagandha (Withania somnifera), Brahmi (Bacopa monniera), Jatamamsi (Nardastachys jatamansi), Shanka pushpi (Evolvulus alsinoides) etc are used to pacify nervous framework and to reduce instances of digressive brain functioning.

Inflammations inside head due to diseases take to Encephalitis cause pitta type seizures. Exposure to heat is a noted risk factor command such cases of seizures. Kapha kind epilepsy is belonging to blocks in central nervous embodiment. A sedentary or terribly secluded life can lead to this condition.

Kapha type epilepsy is also characterized by excess salivation. Tulsi (holy basil), Acorus calamus, etc are the type of herbs worthy rule kapha epilepsy.

Prevention of Epilepsy Ayurveda way

Regulate the lifestyle lock up Ayurvedic banal routine (dinacharya).

Stay as immensely undoubted about the day and life as easy. Dont allow tensions to creep pull to your mind. Dont get expectant at anything. Start practicing yoga meditation.

Keep your everyday food fully nutritive. Dont eat late at duskiness. If feasible go seeing five or six small meals a day, instead of one or two super colossal meals.

Massage your soles with coconut oil or sesame oil before vitality to backing. This give your head a cooling effect.

Start changing your life for the better by finding out your dosha




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