lundi 28 décembre 2015

How To Draw Scenery For Beginners

By Lisa Perry

Sketching a scenery like a forest or a small down is extremely fulfilling because it can give viewers a chance to see a normal everyday scenery at a whole new different light. Now if one would want to sketch this kind of drawing, there would be a systematic way to do it. One will learn how to draw with this guide for beginners.

Now the first thing that one would have to remember would be the concept of the focus point. Basically, the focus point is the point of origin or the point where the artist would be looking at directly from his view. This is one of the most important concepts of all because the whole sketch is based here.

Now once one has already figured out his point of origin, he should mark the point of origin with a tiny dot so that he knows where it is. After that, he should light draw lines emitting from the point of origin so that he knows where to put things. One has to remember that the lines here have to be straight so that he will not have a hard time which is why it would be better to have a ruler on him.

Next thing that has to be done would be to lightly sketch the horizon line. Basically, the horizon line would show until where the land would be and anything above the horizon line would already be the sky. Basically, this line would just indicate where the horizon of the drawing would be so that one will have an easier time with the drawing.

Once all those lines have already been added, then one may already start drawing structures like buildings or some trees. The only thing that he has to remember that this focus point is where everything comes from with relation to the view of the artist. So if one would want to draw something near the focus point, he has to make sure it is small because it is not zoomed in. In a nutshell, one has to draw things smaller the closer he approaches this point.

So if the structures that are nearer to the corners are zoomed in, then the ones nearer to the focus point are the structures that are far from the artist. With this in mind, it is possible to draw in some sort of angle. So whenever one would sketch, scenery, he must take note of these principles.

Now in order to really make the sketch come to life, then it would be nice to add a little bit of shading. The one trick to doing this is to first make sure where the light would be coming from in the picture. Then the next thing to do is to shade the side that the light is not facing.

So for the beginner artists out there, this is a very systematic way of making scenery. For those who would want to create portraits, these are actually amazing techniques on how to do so. Remember to always start with the rough draft then fill in the details later.

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