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Having Fun With Words For Everyone

By Jessica Stone

Language is always developing and evolving, which makes it so interesting. Being a major form of communication for us as human beings, it's always a good idea to really understand how language works and how you can manipulate it as well. Having good language skills is a really valuable asset in life on a whole, and these skills can be developed easily if you learn to have fun with words along the way.

Here are a few suggestions of useful games that the whole family can play together, including the children. You will really be able to put your brain to the test and continuously challenge it to get sharper and quicker at the task. Adding a variety of twists on word games can help as well. One example of this is the use of rhyme.

Many of the best word games are played using the alphabet as a starting point or as a guideline throughout. One example of such is to choose a subject like countries or animals, and then have each player try to name something that begins with the next letter of the alphabet as the game progresses. So, the first player will use the letter A for their answer, the next will answer using the letter B at the beginning of the word, and so on.

To make things even more challenging and trickier for the brain, switch it up by taking the last letter from the previous player's answer and using it as the starting letter for the next answer. This can turn out to be super fun for everyone, trying to stump one another. Adding a time limit will only heighten the tension.

You can pretty much modify or simplify any game for a younger audience by letting them use paper to write down their answers. Do you remember the game 'Name, Animal, Place, Object'? Put these words as headings across the top of a page and then run the letters of the alphabet down the page on one side.

Set the timer for each player to fill in as much of the grid as possible with a different word for each category. This is a game than can be played in a social setting or even in an academic setting. It's a great way to get the young ones thinking and also keep them quiet!

You can up the difficulty level of any word game quite easily. Think of how you can use rhyme to amp things up and stump one another. Write different words on folded paper and pick them out of a container one at a time. Each player has to find four words rhyming with the one written on the paper, or better yet, make up a poem with them!

Rhyming isn't the only language trick to have some fun. There are puns and double meanings, or impressive sounding things like onomatopoeia, which is basically the name given to words that reflect sounds. Tongue twisters can be a great deal of fun, and good for practicing articulation. Let each person say it faster every time until someone fumbles. You can even try finding a really long word to make shorter ones out of.

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