lundi 21 décembre 2015

Discover Hailey Baldwin A New Face In Modeling

By Lisa Turner

Anyone who sees a photo of this young lady will be impressed by her beauty. She does not need any makeup to look fantastic. Naturally full lips and cheek bones like Grace Kelly make her a classic beauty. Meet Hailey Baldwin, the daughter of Stephen Baldwin from the Baldwin family of brothers known so well in the acting industry. Kennya Baldwin, her mother is another classic beauty. Kennya is a graphic designer whose intelligence is evident in her face. Hailey has been blessed with a phenomenal parentage, and she has the good looks to prove it.

Her modeling career started when she was quite young. Her first modeling contract was with the Ford Modeling Agency. In 2015 she signed with an agency that has a younger, hipper vibe, Heroes Models. Americans have always been obsessed with celebrities. Thanks to the recent crop of beautiful young celebrity children all grown up, the American public can continue their obsession with the next generation.

Her ballet training, which began at age five, is evident in the graceful way she carries herself. She acknowledges a liking for acting with a special interest in musicals. With her paternal ancestry, it would not be surprising to discover that she has acting talent also. If she wants to pursue that line of work, she would likely be very successful.

Like most teenage girls she spends time on twitter tweeting with her friends and family. You can also follow her on Instagram to see how photogenic and beautiful she truly is. The entire family is blessed in the looks department. Her brunette sister, Alaia Baldwin, is equally lovely. Alaia is also pursuing a career in modeling.

Recently Hailey was excited to launch a campaign with Topshop, a hip young British retailer. With her high fashion looks, she fits right into the fashion magazines and has scored some covers of top magazines. It was a thrill for her to walk the runway during the New York City Fashion Week. She appears to be enjoying every minute of her success.

Her mother is Brazilian and brings to mind the old song, The Girl from Ipanema. Brazil is known world wide for its beautiful women and Kennya Baldwin certainly is beautiful. Both of her daughters, Alaia and Hailey, are doing their Brazilian heritage proud.

Reading her tweets and following her on Instagram you begin to feel as if you really know her. Hailey is a down to earth, no nonsense young lady. Her tweets sound very much like most teenagers, only more polite. Her parents have been married for twenty five years. Maybe that solid background accounts for her being so level headed. She speaks and writes Portuguese fluently and communicates regularly with her family and friends in Brazil and around the world.

This lovely and talented young woman promises to be in the public eye for a long time. She has a firm hold on the modeling world, and the acting world may not be far behind. She can get all the advice she needs from her father and her uncles. It is nice to see someone so young and beautiful who is interested in something besides herself. She seems to know that there is more to life and designer clothes and being pretty.

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