jeudi 28 septembre 2017

A Simple Guide In Making Digital Spiritual Art T Shirts

By Virginia Rogers

The belief and practice of engaging in different activities to achieve enlightenment is called spirituality. It not only focuses on the resulting outcome of these activities, but rather on the journey that takes them there. For some people, they prefer to have a more religious approach, incorporating deities or gods they want to give thanks to and praise because they believe it will help them in their journey towards enlightenment.

No matter what the purpose or means, spirituality is a beautiful element that can bring about good when practiced in an appropriate manner. For some, they value the freedom they have to express these beliefs and share it with those interested. Due to this, art that focuses on this subject has been around since the ancient civilizations. Following the same pattern of thought, below is a simple guide in making digital Spiritual Art T Shirts.

Before anything else, you must take it upon yourself to really examine and interpret that this concept is for you. This involves determining its significance and what kind of message you want to portray for those who view it. Through this process, you can create something that bears a lot of meaning to you and those who share the same ideologies.

Once you determine what it means to you, start with a few brief sketches on elements that you want to include in the finished product. These sketches will help you visualize and put into paper what kind of message you want to represent. Furthermore, these sketches will be considered your studies, which you will use as basis to create the final blueprint of the finished product.

After this, you have to ponder upon what sort of color scheme will work best with your design and the fabric you want to use. The important thing here is to choose some hues that complement each other and look good when paired, as opposed to high contrasting colors that will clash against each other. This will aid in creating something harmonious and peaceful to look at, that will also suit the fabric of choice.

After determining the colors, start making your final sketch. This will be artwork that you shall eventually print into a shirt, so make sure to avoid any mistakes and do the necessary corrections. At this point, use your previous sketches as a guide into what kind of elements you want to include and which one to leave out.

Outlining is important because it allows you to create a clear outline of the image and avoid mixing together the various parts. Outlining will usually take a shorter time period because you are just essentially tracing over the pencil using a pen or marker. Once the ink settles and dries, scan it so you can further enhance it using various applications or programs of your choice.

After this, step back and take note of some elements that you want to change or delete. Apply the necessary corrections and repeat the entire process until you are satisfied. At this point, begin to edit it over different shirt templates so you can visualize how it will look after it has been printed over the fabric.

After editing it to your liking, save it using the appropriate file extension and resolution. Using a low one will result in a messy and unclear image, so make sure to choose the right dimensions. After printing it, you now have a shirt you may use as a gift or wear it yourself.

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