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Elements In Modest Islamic Clothing

By Dorothy Walker

Islamic fashion is highly adopted from Quran hadiths. These are teachings that are meant to guide their members on modest livelihood. Otherwise, these regulations differ with the different factions within this religion, and some are thought to be very demanding whereas others are taken to be very lenient. The following are features in modest Islamic clothing.

Males are expected to avoid haram items and practice. Haram is an Arabic word meaning something that is against sharia laws. Wearing of silvers commonly regarded as bling and silk clothing is greatly prohibited. They are expected to be worn by women for decoration purposes. Their underneath attire should not go beyond their ankles since these are regarded as uncaring move to indicate how much you can afford different attire.

They should not imitate others and wear to show arrogance. Imitating in this context means adopting a foreign clothing especially from a non-Muslim. It is considered that by imitating their attires, one is prone to adopting their values. One clothing should not be worn as a show-off or undermine fellow brothers. Wearing simple attires is a symbol of humility and equity to Allah eyes.

Women, on the other hand, are required to cover their whole body expect from their face and hands. The respective hijab should not be transparent. In some subgroups, they are strictly made to wear black clothing made out of a heavy material. In others, they have the freedom to choose any color as long it is not transparent and is loose enough.

Head dresses differ depending on the faction. Conservatives prefer the burka and niqab which completely conceal their head. Burkas have gone to the point of leaving a mesh on the head gear where the woman can look through. Niqabs, on the other hand, are simple covering that leaves the eyes region open. For chadors and hijab, women expose their face, but chadors are the extension from their cloaks meant to cover their head.

Their underneath has no regulations like the men attire. Their baseline expectation is to avoid exposing most of their body parts. However, one is only required to expose themselves to brothers to their husbands or their own or any other close male relative. Others including strange Muslim brothers should not see their exposed body.

All the same, these regulations have changed depending on western countries laws. Most have banned the use of niqabs and burkas since they conceal faces which they expect them to be exposed for security purpose. Others have intermarried with other cultures although it is greatly discouraged but have managed to adopt into new ideologies as well.

There has been a remarkable change in the way Muslim believers blend into the modern world. Some factions have adopted casual wears using a diverse fashion for their identity and women have adopted a mixture of loose tops and trousers followed by a hijab to fit into the modern world. Their traditional attire is worn during important ceremonies altogether.

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