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Learn More About Mental Health Stand Up Comedian

By Kevin Hughes

Generally, people suffering from mental disorders fear stigma and mockery, therefore, they remain indoors mostly. This, therefore, becomes a problem as creating awareness about these disorders may be a problem. They do not like to share their experiences with other people. These conditions or disorders include depression, schizophrenia, obsessive compulsive, bipolar disorder and post-traumatic stress among other disorders. Therefore, mental health Stand Up Comedian tries to come up with certain activities that enable them to come out.

This is a form of therapy taught to these people that deals with addressing stigma, discrimination and prejudice that surround mental health in a community. It is not a medication for mental illness but it is a supplement conventional therapy for making people suffering from mental disorders feel better and accepted in the society. It also provides a room in which the general public becomes aware of the disorders and the best way to handle them.

There are certain benefits that are associated with this type of activity. In these platforms, the patients get a chance to explain and express the encounters that they have faced. The contributing factors that led to them getting the problem for instance in the case of depression or stress. Through these, the burden they have been carrying is slowly but eventually removed. The other people also learn from them and understand the best way to avoid these disorders.

This also comes with the ability to overcome negative issues such as stigma mockery and fear. These comics and comedies play a very major role in education and entertainment. They are beyond laughing. They make the patients look like inspirational or motivational speakers. This makes them develop another sense of responsibility in the society completely dealing away with stigma.

In this comedies and comics, there are various questions that arise. For instance if the patient is talking about a painful situation, he will ask questions. These questions include, what do you think I would have said, done or acted? This makes a person to think critically before acting. Therefore this becomes a platform in which people learn to think before they act.

Likewise, they are accompanied with sayings such as there is no way you can change the past, but there is the ability to make sure you have an improved future. Consequently, this ensures you define your roadmap towards prosperity. Moreover, sayings such as from victim to victor encourage individuals to contest present issues with the confidence of becoming triumphant eventually. Similarly, the stories utilized in this situation are majorly real-life events and this, therefore, aids other to make life decisions.

There are certain issues that limit mental health comedy. One of them include mockery and teasing from audience and the general public. Once a person talks about the issue, people will automatically insinuate that he is try to console himself or it is a way of covering up.

Another limitation is because there are certain issues that are more pressing and serious but they cannot be disclosed to the general public. Therefore, this becomes a non-effective way of healing as the most important issues are not addressed. For example in case of a suicidal scenario, people will feel unable to talk about it in the public but will talk about it with medical practitioners. Therefore this method becomes less effective.

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