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Get Crafty With Alcohol Ink Tiles

By Amy Green

Those who are looking for an art project that is fun and simple enough for everyone to enjoy have plenty of options to consider. One of the popular choices that a lot of people are trying is alcohol ink tiles. These have had such a rise in popularity lately because the supplies are inexpensive and they are simple to make.

As with anything, it is possible to buy the highest quality supplies and end up paying more money. For those who are on a tighter budget, the supplies needed are not expensive at all to buy the standard quality and make terrific works of art. Some of the key things needed are wax paper, tile coaster, inks in all the colors needed, brushes, paint, and spray sealer.

A lot of people are familiar with the expression, "It's the thought that counts, " when it comes to gifts. Nothing shows more thought, time, care and effort than giving the gift of a well-crafted art project. After completing one of these tiles, a very good way of putting it to good use is by gifting it to someone who means a lot to you, strengthening the relationship.

Wax paper is usually the recommended material to use as a protective surface when doing this type of painting. Especially if you are indoors and painting with little kids, there is always a risk of leaving stains on the carpet, walls, table, and whatever else the kids can get their hands on. Using a disposable material as a spill canvas can prevent catastrophe.

Before adding color to the tile, it is highly important to make sure it is cleaned of completely first with an alcoholic solution. Failing to do so can result in irregularities like hairs or small dead bugs being a part of your beautiful artwork. While the best artists are innovative, it is hard to make that work for a Mother's Day project.

While the process of making art this way may be a little different than some people are used to, it is something that is still very easily done. The process is somewhat similar to watercolors in that the artist is dealing with liquids interacting together. The trick is to get used to the dropping process.

The challenging part in adding drops of colors onto the tile is getting the color to go where you want it to go, then trying to get it to stay there. Because of the way liquids move, this is a unique challenge that can be difficult at first, but the effects can be very beautiful. The key is to be efficient in delivering the different colors to the tile.

Before beginning, it can save a lot of trouble and hassle by carefully laying out all the inks that will be used in the process of this art project. Having them in the order that they will be needed is also a very good idea. Just like chefs needing all of their ingredients and supplies where they need it, the artist needs that too.

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