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How To Draw Beautiful Mermaid Artwork By Yourself

By Paul Lewis

Men and women from all walks of life in various parts of the world create their own versions of art for many reasons. Some use it as a way to express their thoughts and emotions, while others do so to help blow of some steam, in a more therapeutic way. Whatever the reasons behind the creation of art, men and women have flocked together since galleries were first invented to appreciate its pure form and share the emotions it ignites in the human soul.

A rising trend nowadays is art that can best be classified as science fiction or even fantasy. This entails the creation of worlds that would otherwise, not exist in this realm. Furthermore, it includes characters who seem to have human features, but a more animal like body form like demons, mermaids, or angels. Read the following paragraphs to learn how to draw Mermaid Artwork New Jersey in Seven Easy Steps.

Before you can begin drawing, you have to prepare your materials first. This generally includes a handy set of pencils in different points, an eraser, a sharpener, and the medium you prefer the most. Some people use paint, others prefer charcoal, and there are those who are more into digital art. In that case, they will only need to prepare the program they have installed in their personal computers.

Once you are done gathering all the materials that you need, it is now time to visualize and create a concept. This includes brainstorming and digging deep into what inspires you to create and draw. This stage is highly important because this is when you develop your vision and come up with the character in terms of design, and what kind of personality you want to give it.

Begin sketching out these ideas to make them more tangible and also to avoid forgetting them. Make sure you draw your character in different possibilities and scenarios, to allow you to experiment more and avoid becoming jaded. These initial sketches will be the basis of the final design, so make sure you get different angles, poses, lighting, facial expressions, and even outfit changes.

When you become satisfied with your work, start to choose different studies that you have to start making the final character. This could be a combination of two or more studies, or perhaps you have one study that particularly speaks to you. Whatever your choice may be, start to sketch it into a final draft on the surface you will be using it with.

After that is through, you must begin to outline artwork using a fine tipped pen or whichever type of medium you prefer. If you are using a program on your computer, simply select the brush or pen stroke that you want to achieve the desired effect. Make sure you keep your hand steady during this step, to prevent committing any permanent damage.

The next step is to apply the necessary colors you want. The color scheme you use will reflect a number of things. This includes the personality of your mermaid, their mood, and situation. It should also be able to fit well with the background design you have chosen.

Once the coloring process if finished, you now have to create some highlights where it seems necessary. This is also the appropriate time for you to create shading in some parts of the body, most commonly under the chin or below the eyes. This depends entirely upon the positioning and what kind of lighting technique you made use of

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