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Find The Best Custom Screen Printing New Orleans Louisiana

By Helen Bailey

Nothing ties a group together better than wearing matching clothes. They do not have to wear a uniform where all the shirts and pants are exactly the same, but they should wear something that unifies them, such as custom t-shirts. If you do not know how to make them yourself, then you can hire a Custom Screen Printing New Orleans Louisiana service to do it for you.

There is a veritable laundry list of reasons and events where wearing something that matches is not only appropriate, but almost expected. If you interact with customers for work, having on matching shirts with other employees makes you easily identifiable. But even outside of work, you can wear them for family reunions, sports teams for both kids and adults, and even book clubs or other social groups that you are proud to be a part of.

To find a local company that provides this type of service, you can look in the phone book or on the internet. Most companies are happy to give you an estimate of price if you tell them what you want printed and how many pieces. You can get multiple estimates if you want and simply choose the best one.

Before you choose though, you should ask a few questions. Ask about the quality and thickness of the material. If it is too thin and cheap, it might fade in the wash or the printing could begin to peel. See if they use good brands such as Hanes or Fruit of the Loom. Ask about the ink they use and make sure it is high quality and will not fade in the wash.

Most companies in this business sector have a catalog available for customers to see their choices in full color. It may be in their store, online or both. Either way, you can see just how many colors and items are available. All will have your standard short-sleeve t-shirt ready to print, but many will also have tank tops, sleeveless shirts and even long sleeved ones for colder weather or to protect your arms from sunburn, in addition to cold weather gear like hoodies.

Materials is an important decision to make, because it can determine the comfort level of everyone wearing it. If these items are meant for outdoors, choose thicker materials that help insulate. If they are for use in warm climates or indoors, then lighter materials like cotton may be the way to go.

You must also figure out how many of each size you want. Ask the people you plan to give them to what size they need. If you want to keep the clothing a secret to surprise them, then you will have to guess the sizes, or order a variety. Some people order only larges and extra larges to make sure everyone is comfortable and nothing fits too tight.

After you give the representative your entire order, they can then determine how long it will take to finish the job, and give you a pickup date. If you order in advance, you should have everything in plenty of time for your appointed event. However, if you need a rush job, they may be able to turn everything over in just a few days, though it may also cost you a rush fee.

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