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The Process Of Art Therapy

By Ruth Reed

There are amazing psychotherapists and counsellors who help their patients go from strength to strength. Of course, you have to find the most suitable person to work with. There are many different programs that you can look into and this will determine the results. A lot of folk who have been through trauma, for example find that art therapy can be very good for them.

Of course, it is important to talk about your problems. However, this is not always possible, especially for people who have suffered from trauma or generally have problems becoming vulnerable. They may need to ease into the therapeutic process over time until they are ready to talk about this.

They will feel that they can lighten the load during this time and they will feel a great sense of freedom. There has been evidence to say that this is just as effective as talking about various issues. It is a start which leads up to talk therapy or group therapy. There are different ways in participating in this as well.

When you take part in drawing a quick sketch which tells you more about how you are feeling, you will express your emotions. It can help you start the day feeling less anxious or depressed. This is great for when you have to go to the office or when you have to organize things at home.

This therapy is particularly good for kids and teens. Youngsters are often reserved when they enter psychotherapy. Sometimes, they refuse to talk about their home life. They may be embarrassed about something. They may worry that they are going to be in trouble. They sometimes don't like talking behind the backs of the rest of the family. Fortunately, there are other methods to help with this.

Kids are more honest when they are engaged in this type of creative approach. They may draw their home or their family members unconsciously, unlike adults. If asked to draw their home or family, this may be displayed in a traumatic way or they will use dark colors. The therapist will then get a better idea of something that is happening in their life.

It can include finger painting or painting in pairs. It helps the individual to really experience the texture and the different mediums. They really need to feel this with their hands so they become focused on what they are doing. This is all part of the experience. It can also be a good idea to include this into the routine, especially for someone who finds it difficult to get through the day.

Kids are usually told what to do. It can be finger painting or it can be the painting of their family home. This is a type of a program that a child will look forward to because they usually enjoy the creative process. It is something that is natural for them. There are play therapists who will also use this method, making use of various art projects. They will work with different textures and medium. This is why a lot of kids with autism and ADHD can benefit from this as well. It can help with the sensory perception. They stay focused and they learn a skill that they begin to enjoy.

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