lundi 18 juin 2018

How To Identify Dating App Scams

By Douglas Scott

Online dating has gained popularity among old and young individuals across the world. This is due to online sites designed to help individuals meet potential partners. However, you should be cautious of dating app scams when finding love online. Scamming is the most popular vice reported by individuals. Scammers target lonely individuals to rob them of money, access credit card information and get personal information from vulnerable victims.

Many individuals fall prey to scamming because they do not know anything about scammers. Although scammers are not created equal, the motive behind scamming does not change. People scam to steal money, get access to credit card details and personal details. Remember, no one is safe from online scams. All you can do is be careful when sharing information with other online users. Here are some tips to identify a scammer who presents himself or herself as a potential partner.

The age difference is a common indicator, the person you are talking to is a scammer. Online con artists target older people because they are more vulnerable compared to the younger individuals. Old people are more focused on getting partners to overcome loneliness. They fail to pay attention to some fraudulent characters posed by conmen, that is why scammers take advantage of their vulnerability and technology illiteracy.

Scammers are not identical but have similar behaviors. A typical scammer will insist on getting personal information from you and profess their love after few days of communication. They possess erratic, dramatic and other strange characters you would not want a partner to have. Keep in mind, scammers will always ask to communicate outside dating sites. This means they prefer sending text or emails and avoid talking via phone.

Do not fall for anyone based on profile photo or details. Many people post photos that do not belong to them. Their profile information is also false, it does not match their true identity. Make use of Google image to search for duplicates. If by any chance you find multiple photos of the same person but with a different bio, chances are you are being scammed.

Review emails and texts sent by other online users. How an individual writes is a factor you should not overlook. Keep in mind that majority of scams are committed by non-English speakers, they have little understanding of basic English. Conversations are full of spelling and grammar mistakes when dealing with a scammer.

Scammers will never agree to meet you in person or share any personal information. They come up with excuses when you request to meet them in person. If a scammer agrees to meet, he or she will ask for money to travel or bail out the last minute.

Scammers manipulate their victims to ensure they get what they want. It is normal to come across words like I thought you were in love or we should trust one another for the relationship to work. To avoid such scams, do not share too much personal information on dating apps.

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