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The Best Help To Understanding Caricature Houston

By Matthew Wagner

Many people come across caricatures but do not realize that that is what they are. The pictures you sometimes see in newspapers, blogs and articles that are cartoon-like representations of real people or objects are called caricatures. It uses exaggeration and simplification of the real image to bring out humor, mockery or other emotions to the viewer. People who practice this art are referred to as caricaturists. The following article explains some things about Caricature Houston.

There are numerous uses of caricature. The most famous one is to create humor. Great examples will include the cartoon pictures of famous people in magazines and other public prints. These people could be politicians or celebrities. Sometimes it is done as a political move while other times it is just to critique or make fun of people.

It is not rare to find caricature drawings of famous people circulating on the internet. This is because such drawings are made so that you can identify the subject even with all the modifications. They can be seen on buildings, adverts, clothing and other sites. It is not celebrities alone who do this. You can hire a painter to make one for you with you or anyone you want as the subject. It could be for fun or as a gift.

Every artist has their own unique pattern signature and even method of producing these images. Some specify a unique type of art, say wall art or canvas art. Their level of experience also varies from one to the other. The reputation or expertise of artists in this field of work can be judged by their past jobs. This is the best assurance of quality in case you are looking for one.

For those seeking to learn how to become a caricaturist, the easiest way is to learn from other skilled artists. In Houston alone, you can find several art schools that offer lessons on how to become one. An example is the Art League Houston and Art Lessons. You can also find other institutions that offer online classes. Another option is to hire a private tutor. They are more effective but also costly.

The earliest known works of a caricaturist go way back as 1762. This was the first publication of such drawings. Its fame got even bigger when people like the renown Leonardo Da Vinci joined the profession. The great works of gentlemen like James Gillray and Thomas Rowlandson are famous up to date. Today, this field continues to expand as more artist and techniques continually emerge.

Art is more of an inborn talent which is enhanced through practice and training. This is why there is no one way of doing art. It continuously changes from one drawer to the other. For caricature, the entire process can be split into two stages. The first is where he finds the source image. It must contain the important features that help him produce the final rendering. This is the second stage.

Famous artists in Houston include The Cartoon Boy, Caricature Artist Mac, Jody The Artist, Jonathan Sorrells, Tom Rye, Bonnie Blue, WOW Party Arts, Artsy Events and many others. The internet is a priceless source to find them together with their charges, duration, location, availability and typically any other information.

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