jeudi 21 juin 2018

The Making Of Hip Hop Mix CD

By Michael Young

As many would assume that Hip Hop simply means a genre of music, there is much more to it. When you hear people rapping or being more outspoken, or even dressing in a particular way, it is called a culture. With Hip Hop Mix CD the music evolved into a culture which many people, up until today, follow religiously.

Dance is a huge part of this ethos. One of the first dance genres that came alive during this era is breakdancing. It was introduced during the early days when the culture first came about. The dance involved males and females performing strenuous moves that involve flexibility and strength. They can be done alone, or in groups, and many people also battled in this genre for competition purposes.

Alongside this style of dance, is the style of clothing. In this time, manly youth would dress in clothing that was mostly baggy and loose. They would also use bandanas and sometimes tie it to their heads, necks and even wrists. This could also sometimes come across as though they were a gang member. Women also embraced this style and still do today.

Rap music is an added term for this ethos. During this time, rap music was taking over the globe and everyone wanted to have the music. It became so popular, that every club and every party would play this style over any other music. At this time, rap is what got the crowd going. It created more popularity for the people playing the music at local parties than it did for the artists.

Graffiti is a prevalent form of expression. In every country, you will find in certain areas and on certain buildings, shapes, words and messages. This is generally done using spray paint and can either tell a story, show what they feel or make a statement. In the poorer areas during this era, graffiti was more common. And, although these areas were the most colourful, they were also known to people as the most dangerous.

Not only did it have its way on the public but the genre took over many other artists whose speciality was far from rap. In time, artists began to include bits of this style into their songs which made their sales skyrocket. If they felt they couldn t rap, they would work hard at featuring famous rappers and perform duets.

After some time, the world of digital started to take over and people were exposed to other music and being able to download it meant that rap had to take a backseat. Although their sales were not as strong as it was in the 80 s, the culture remains in the hearts and lives of many people. It goes further than enjoying a certain style, it is more about proving who you are as a person and standing up for what you believe in.

The culture has proven to be somewhat of a nuisance from time to time however, it is the only urban ethos that brought a nation together.

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