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Designing Various Types Of Formal Dress

By Ann Graham

It sounds funny to know that the attire you wear can be a make or break in any interview or meeting. Business meetings commonly call for a white shirt with tie and coat. The client gets a brief opinion of what kind of a person you are. It also is considered as part of body language. Hence, formal dresses NYC is very important.

The first impression is important to impact the people we meet. At times, the workers are given particular uniform based on work they do. Doctors wear white fabric as a symbol of cleanliness and honesty. Similarly the police wear blue color and it symbolizes loyalty and stability. It also creates a sense of equality and discipline in the job they are doing. Even kids going to school are not an exception.

But clothing is not like that. A child cannot wear the attire of an adult. The choices are very widely spread across various communities and age groups. The basic quality of cloth is to cover the body and look presentable to people around. There can be significant changes in various regions across the globe.

Queens liked to wear long gowns which would almost be touching ground. They used a wide variety of materials to stitch their fabrics. Gold and silver threads were used for embroidery. Stones and gems were used as studs on them. The richness and grandeur was seen on their dresses. They spent a lot on these. They also used to get clothes and stuff from far off countries if required.

Threads obtained from nature are cotton, wool, and jute and so on. Cotton is too light in weight and preferred during summer. In scorching heat, everyone would love to wear clothes which are airy and cool. Lighter shades are preferred. Unlike this season, in winter people like to wear thick woolen ones in dark colors. In rainy weather, anyone prefers to put jackets and rain coats which are water proof.

Casual wear is very much different and you wear it and we name it kind of thing. This is worn in a variety of occasions such as college get together, fresher party. Yet, few parties follow a theme and want all the participants to follow few instructions to match the theme. We should stick to them, otherwise we look like Odd man out.

There are no special features that ought to be followed in casual meetings. Say, if two people who colleges are going to meet in a restaurant, they need not follow any particular format. If the event is a team lunch, it is up to the team lead to decide. Maximum number of times, it is informal. But if the meet is with client, there might be few restrictions.

The companies also are considerate in deciding on what the employees should wear. Due to globalization, it has become important to follow way of looking, to which the client is used to. But, few changes here and there are mutually agreeable.

Synthetic cloths are long lasting and formation of wrinkles is less. But maximum of them are not good for skin. The ones we get from plants and animals are soft and skin friendly. However, they get wrinkled for little usage. Based upon requirement of individual, he or she can select the textile that suits them the best. To be on safer side or to get optimum quality, we can go for blended fabrics which have both the features.

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