dimanche 12 août 2018

Proper Awareness Helps Reduce Health Issues

By Martha Stevens

Partying is a common thing in all places across countries. If this is a metro then this shall be on the larger side as there are many places which offer various services for partying. Mostly bars, lounges, pubs & night clubs offers more space and comfort for partying and having alcoholic drinks. The opportunity to reserve tables and have VIP host to serve liquors by paying premium rates for bottles, mixers and other related services is known to be the finest services provided in the above places and bottle service Los Angeles is one of the best to give these services.

At first children gets experience of this in parties. As rich class of people will have parties in most days of the week, the opportunity to consume liquor also increases. Parents who do not consume liquor or consume only less, might scold their children if found taking liquor. Others would not say anything. Thus those children think it is good and take more of it and gets addicted.

When boys gets addicted to liquor, would need liquor on a daily basis. Money shall be required for that. Boys from rich families would find it easy to get money from parents. Boys from middle class families find it difficult to obtain money from parents on a daily basis. This will make the guys steal from parents purse.

This will become a habit. When those guys do not find money in parents purse, would go for pilfering from shops. May be one or two times it will be successful to pilfer. But the third time those people will be caught and handed over to police. This will affect the image of the guy and the family a lot and the society value of the family diminishes.

Some teens smoke to get into some groups. These guys need to be educated that smoking creates bad breath and it can cause wrinkles. It makes a fast growth into old age. Some boys feel that occasional smoking does not affect health and if required it shall be possible to stop. But the fact is, it shall be difficult to stop a habit all of a sudden.

Young people take a lot of liquor assuming that it would not affect their health. It is true that it would not affect all of a sudden for young people. But it affects only when years passes by. But people are ignorant of this and drink more quantities of liquor on a daily basis. This will lead to liver failure.

People also sit in pubs and bars till early morning. And after this goes to office. Some people finds time to sleep for some time and there are others who do not sleep at all. This affects the overall health of the person. There shall be work related problems due to losing concentration because of less sleep and also creates health issues on a long time basis.

So taking liquor in night after the dinner helps in digestion. A heavy meal would give less sleep in night. If little quantity of liquor is taken in, it helps the digestion process and thus gives good sleep also. But when this is done in public, all members of the family sees this and tends to follow this. This can lead to misunderstanding also.

Much awareness is needed to curb this habit of taking liquor. As the governments of different countries gets much revenue from selling liquor, it does not take vital steps to stop selling liquor. Meanwhile states step to educate people on the wise use of alcohol. Some countries has taken steps to banning advertisements of liquor products.

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