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Rules On How To Submit Videos To MTV

By Shirley Brooks

Everything is easy and speedy with the latest in tech. The showbiz has been revolutionized with the inventions such as motion pictures. The people are more attracted to these tapes in the cinemas and even in the music biz. The music biz has media platforms where they drop their tapes and they can be marketed to the rest of the people. The following are regulations on how to submit videos to MTV.

The audiovisual is of superb quality. The audiovisual has frames, it is paramount they be all of great quality. The best way to achieve this is using a phone with the superior camera such as an iPhone. They can also use cameras with superb lenses. This makes the audiovisual compatible with the software of the station. The viewers also appreciate tapes in HD. The clarity of the pictures attracts most of them.

The artist must fill a submission form. This is a very standard and crucial procedure. It helps with the identification process of the artist and any other artist featured in a tape. Therefore when the film is aired to the public they can know the professional. The expert must, therefore, fill all the details in the submission form. The details they give in the submission from should be complete and correct.

The professional must create original content. To ensure that a tape you make gets picked and aired on the station the content must be unique. It must be something innovative that will capture the eyes of the presenters. This is very crucial as the station receives a lot of mix-tapes with request to air. If the content is not extraordinary that will capture their eyes then it will not be picked to make the playlist.

The artist must pay a fee. This is a business just like any other, therefore there must be a profit to be made. This is because once the tape goes viral the expert will stand to make lots of money. This will be through promotions, sales and even performances. In addition the station has to pay taxes. The station also has to pay its employees. To get all this financial need met, the artists have to pay a wage.

The tape is subjected to a committee. The committee picks out the songs which will make the playlist of that song. They look for creative stuff. They also look for comprising things, such as guns, drugs, and insults. They may ask the professional to make a few changes for them to air the audiovisual. This stage is very crucial as it gets rid of crappy songs and even hates songs.

The musician needs to have an audience. The supervisors will create a fan page and post the song. They monitor the reactions of the online community towards the music tape. They only proceed to officially go live with the music tape if and only if the audience likes the video and gave it thumbs up.

The artist must meet the weekly deadline. In each and every week there is a new playlist. This means that every week there is a submission closing date. In our case, it is usually by nine after meridian on Thursday. If they hit the deadline they are en-route to being chosen for the playlist.

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