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For Good Summer Camp K 12 Kirtland Offers A Recommendable Destination

By Donna Jones

For a summer camp trip to be successful, the level of experience of the camp counselor present plays a huge role. Besides being a self-fulfilling work, it is also very rewarding to work as a counselor. Something good about this work is that an individual can do it as a part-time job. The individuals that counselors attend to are impacted in so many ways for the rest of their lives. The memories and experiences created are everlasting. When in search of Summer Camp K 12 Kirtland should be given priority.

There are a number of things one needs to be familiar with and observe if they need to be a successful counselor. This job is very tiring and demanding. A counselor commonly sleeps for six hours or less since they are the ones to attend to the needs of the campers. One may get stressed due to build up exhaustion. In order for one to be an effective counselor they need understand that such instances are bound to happen and one has to come up with a way to deal with it.

The biggest focus of any counselor is the children that they are attending to. Counselors are supposed to help campers, especially children to create relationships with their peers. One of the fundamental roles of camping is to help campers create personal relationships and friendship with their mates. For some campers, that can be troublesome, and counselors need to step in and help initiate the process.

Campers take part in many activities. It is vital for a counselor to remain very observant over them. Others quarrel with other. This is more common among young campers. The counselor needs to come in to bring the issue to a stop every moment the quarrels occur, and before the problem escalates. The counselor also make attempts to restore the relationship between campers who had quarrels. Having them shake hands is a good point to start the reconciliation process.

Most camping events are usually ruined by the weather. One should have plans at hand in case the weather changes without warning. For example, if canoeing was to take place and the rain begins then they can watch a movie instead. Staying updated with the weather forecast can help a lot in the planning.

To make a good counselor to little children, it is important to memorize their names. Whereas adults do not like it when their names are forgotten, children go through a major heartbreak when their names are forgotten by an authority figure. One should also speak to the campers and let them know that they matter.

Being good at formulating plans enables one to be a good counselor. It creates sense of orderliness when a plan for the day is always produced in advanced and adhered to. When campers have knowledge of the schedule to stick to for the night or day, they develop more faith in the authority and in the trip. Maintaining a specific degree of flexibility in the plan is also vital.

For example, if there are any planned outdoor events, they need to be cancelled for indoor events in case it rains. The number of campers in a camp determines the number of counselors needed. In a case of more campers, more counselors will be needed and this will require counselors to be good team players.

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