samedi 11 août 2018

How To Capture Great Pictures For A African Wildlife Photo Gallery

By Carolyn Jones

For a photographer, it would be a joy to be able to capture at least one photo of an animal from the great African region. They know that getting one is difficult and only pros have the greater chance of having one. To start your very own African wildlife photo gallery, here are some tips that you might wanna know.

One, get out during the wee hours of the morning and go back to your lodging late. The best time to capture great images is during the golden hour when in the sky is painted in gold color. You have to be patient and wait for the perfect moment to catch images. At this time, you get to see animals running from every direction.

Two, be as close to the ground. Some experts say that the lower you are, the better it will be. An angle in which you get to see them in their level of perspective is better because it would look more dramatic. The picture will focus more on the animal as the background will just be behind it. Also, the chances of getting pictures are greater since it will not be able to see you that easily.

Play with different angles. Most photography usually puts the subject in the center. Always doing this angle could bore your audience the moment your gallery is shown to the public since the concept just keeps on repeating. Try to put your subject on the side sometimes. This would allow you to let all the surroundings be seen while still focusing on the subject.

Focus on its eyes. When you get close to one, try to catch its eyes and look to where its looking. When able to capture it looking at your camera, you surely will be very happy. The picture will look amazing as it captures the soul of the animal where its mood and emotion can be seen. Its as if, the image is real.

Five, your shutter speed must be correct. In trying to have a picture of it in action, your correct shutter speed is the key factor here. With the wrong speed, your shots might come out blurry, resulting you to miss the opportunity. This also affects the sharpness and clarity of the picture. Try to practice it first by using your pets as subject.

Be always prepared. During the perfect moment, you must already be ready at that time. Your patience is tested here as you must wait for the perfect moment to arrive. All photographers that goes here experienced the same thing. Just be patience and eventually it will turn out great in the end.

Seven, capturing moving photos. For newbies out there that wants to get a photo of a subject which is moving, set your auto focus to AF C if you are using Nikon and Servo for Canon. Other cameras have the same setting. Your center focus must be the head for you to capture a still photo while it moves.

Trying to become a pro will not be easy, but if you just practice harder, you surely will be good at it in time. Keep these tips in mind and add apply it whenever you go on taking pictures. Nothing is hard when you are doing something that you love.

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