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Helpful Hints From Professional Children Photography Studios Philadelphia Parents Can Use

By Dennis Evans

Photos of your kids are priceless. Photo albums are one of the first things parents grab when a fire or flood requires an emergency exit from the family home. Really great kids' pictures are often hard to take. Professional photos sessions are out of reach for a lot of parents. You can get around the money issue though by using some simple tips suggested by children photography studios Philadelphia families can adopt.

You have to carve out an hour at least for your photo shoot. If you're working with a group of kids, it might take a couple of hours to get everybody together. Kids take a lot longer than adults to settle down and get serious about their session. In the meantime, you should be snapping quick shots of them milling around. Spontaneous photos are often the best pictures taken of children.

It is a huge temptation to dress your little models up in ribbons, bows, and brand new shoes for a photo shoot, but the experts say you might be better off dressing your kids in something they are comfortable in and that is familiar to them. Solid colors work better than patterns. If you're taking pictures of several children, try dressing them in similar outfits. Uniform white shirts and jeans, for example, will give you better results than too much individuality.

Adding props to your photos will make them more interesting and memorable. The best props are those that mean something to your child and you. A favorite doll, stuffed animal, or book will help relax a little child and might get you some smiles you would not get any other way.

These are the little things in photos that create memories you can share with your children as they become older. You need to avoid the kinds of toys that roll away from your frame though. Little kids can not resist moving objects and will go after them in a flash.

You have to be ready for the unexpected. It's not unusual for little kids to have meltdowns unexpectedly. If this happens, don't abandon the photo session idea all together. You can still take pictures of your child. Focus on the feet or hands instead of the face until the episode is over. If your youngster is in the mood to run instead of pose, let him go and take pictures as he runs around the yard or living room.

Give some thought to the setting you put your kids in. A blank background is always good because there is nothing to distract from the subject of the photograph. There are simple elements you might add that can create interesting effects. A group of kids standing on a stairway is an example.

An exterior window makes a great backdrop. You can pose the child standing or sitting behind or in front of it. The light shining through will create interesting shadow patterns. Busy backgrounds should be avoided. They will only detract from the subject matter. The best pictures are always the simplest, most spontaneous and most personal.

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