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Save Yourself From Insomnia Complications By Listening To Soothing Harp Music Nightly

By Kimberly Lee

You can pop a sleeping pill in your mouth each time you cannot catch some shut eye at night. However, you must be ready to face some really unfavorable side effects the following day. If you want an all natural relief from insomnia, consider playing soothing harp music at night. Download it on your smart phone and play it as soon as you hop into bed. There are many complications of insomnia that you can beat by following this simple tip, and some of them can be found below.

Increased blood pressure. Because your body is not getting enough rest at night, it's not unlikely for your blood pressure to remain elevated throughout the day. Stress can make matters worse. Having high blood pressure is not a good idea because it can increase your risk of suffering from what's known as the world's number one killer, which is heart disease.

Obesity. According to health experts, being deprived of sleep nightly can actually cause you to gain unwanted pounds. It's because your metabolism can slow down tremendously as a result of insomnia. In addition, it can also turn you into what's known as an emotional eater, someone who looks for comfort or happiness in foods that are extremely high in fat and sugar.

Elevated blood sugar. Instead of being used by your cells as fuel, sugar remains in the bloodstream. This can cause your blood sugar to become abnormally high. This is not healthy because, according to doctors, it can considerably put you at risk of suffering from type 2 diabetes.

Weakened immunity. Not giving your body the chance to attain much needed rejuvenating sleep nightly is bad for your immune system. When it becomes weak, you are practically defenseless against those attacking bacteria and viruses. This can cause you to suffer all the time from all kinds of infections such as the cold and flu.

Low energy. Failure to enjoy much needed sleep the night before can surely make you feel completely tired the next day. It's not just your body that will feel exhausted, but also your mind. Because your memory and focus can decline considerably as a result of this, your work performance may be affected.

Anxiety and depression. Your mood can certainly be affected negatively by failure to get 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night. It's possible for you to have lots of anxious thoughts all day long most especially if there are so many things that you have to carry out or think about. Depression may also strike as well, according to experts. If you have an existing mental disorder, having insomnia can exacerbate it.

Accelerated skin aging. Contrary to popular belief, having eye bags is not the only beauty issue that lack of sleep can bring. According to skin care specialists, it's also something that can speed up the aging process of your skin. If you want to attain and maintain young looking skin, make sure that you sleep like a baby each night.

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