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Using The Best Screenwriter Tools Can Result In Fewer Rejections

By Stephanie Ellis

Just about every writer dreams about seeing their ideas on the screen but there are several realities to be faced. The first is making a living, which is necessary for most people not born into wealth. Even though a person may hate the thought of punching a time clock, making small investments in self can make a difference. Good screenwriter tools can make the difference between selling that manuscript and punching a time clock.

When it comes to details like character development, it is common to have a vivid picture of things a writer wants to include. However, it is possible to include too little or too much detail for the reader to follow. There are some things that simple proofreading techniques will not catch the first, or fourth time around.

These tools, like writing prompts or character analysis, are ideal for busy people. Those who find themselves jotting down manuscripts notes whenever they have time can get creative. They will use whatever medium they can get their hands on the fastest.

Writers tend to visualize things in their head first and put it down as words that string together in a uniform fashion. Along the way, they will see areas that may be enhanced to bring conflict or a surprise twist to a scene. While they can spend an entire day adding and subtracting different elements, they can still be missing things like the character voice, setting details, or transitioning that does not leave the reader lost.

One reason why new writers should have resources within reach is due to something that plagues wordsmiths of all levels. Writer block has nothing to do with being less talented, as it can arise from a number of things. There are many scenarios that often occur that can turn off the creativity but it is up to the writer to bounce back.

While being able to sell a series is a great thing, getting a foot in the door with an incredible manuscript is the first order of business. It is seldom that a script supervisor or agent will tell writers exactly why their work was rejected, although it can help novices see flaws early in the game. In this case, the best rule of thumb is to remain enthusiastic and never deflate.

Often, a smooth transition is not easy for new wordsmiths to achieve, especially if they are working on more than one manuscript at a time. Multitasking, when done correctly, is always a good thing but when the gaps in flow seem to increase, this is time to focus and create milestones. In these instances, tools for screenwriting that can assist with project management tasks may be the answer.

Although friends and family members may not fully understand, being in touch with others that know the grind of selling a script can lift the spirits. One advantage is that they can advise on tools and classes that get the best results. With good feedback, new writers will see that having writing tools nearby can be a wise investment in their future.

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