dimanche 2 septembre 2018

Quick Tips For Finding Freelance Voice Actor For Commercials

By Donald Reynolds

A great script needs an awesome voice artist to bring it to life. Your video idea could be mind-blowing, but without the right voice-over talent, you can only do so much. This is why you should invest some resources in getting a suitable freelance voice actor for commercials. If you are not sure how to go about it, use the following quick tips to get a talent that matches your needs.

Begin by searching the internet for prospective actors. Many freelancers have their own websites or join outsourcing websites and market their skills there. This makes it easy for employers like you to find a pool of talent from the comfort of your home or office. You can get more relevant results by specifying the preferred location in the search engine or language and type of video. This makes it easy to only review candidates that match your interest.

When reviewing, take time to view the profiles of freelancers. You will get details of their previous jobs, experience, and comments by their past clients. Such details can tell a lot about the kind of work the prospect has done before and the quality of output. This is because past clients will mention their experience with a freelancer. Make sure to opt for someone with good reviews in terms of their customer service level and quality of output.

Make sure you come up with a list of several prospects for consideration. Even when you are satisfied with their stellar portfolios, it is paramount to interview them further. For instance, send them a few sentences of your scripts to record. You could ask them to record several videos for assessment. This gives you an idea of the ability of individual candidates.

Point out that all you need is a raw recording that does not have any effects. This makes it easy for you to assess the true quality of their voices. Also, ask them to record from a room without music or background noise. You will need professional grade speakers to get a clear feel of their voices.

Since you are creating commercials, be clear with the freelancer at the onset. This way, they can provide samples with styles that match your requirements. You could also give them a sample of how your video should sound like. This way, they will strive to provide their best samples for you to assess whether the candidate fits your needs.

Ask about their charges. Some will offer a fixed price for the project while others can charge an hourly rate. It could be easier to agree on a per project rate which depends on the length of the commercials. If they insist on charging per hour, find out the amount of work they can perform at that time.

It is crucial to consider cultural differences when passing a message. For instance, content recorded in English might lose meaning if translated directly into French. This is why you need someone who knows what to say to pass the message effectively without altering it.

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