dimanche 16 septembre 2018

Walk Around Magician On Street

By Elizabeth Robinson

People love fun loving acts all around the world. Some performs drama while others do magic. Experts are usually surprised audience with their unique skills of illusion as well. Group belongs to walk around magician Orlando has been doing wonders.

A true thing can be misinterpreted because of the perception created by illusion. The senses are distorted under the influence of drug or alcohol. However that is termed as hallucination where our senses are not in control, whereas in the case of illusion the senses are completely stable but the brain is not able to perceive correctly. Sometimes it get risky too.

The practitioners were also using magic tricks for teaching obedience of the uneducated people. This in a way used cultivate fear among the people to follow the rules. Magic tricks were performed to defy the laws of physics. For example, making a solid object float in the air against gravity. Performing tricks on playing cards was very popular.

Normally in magic in order to create the illusion mirrors and smoke was used. It is very important to create some sort of distraction while performing this act. Over the period of time using mirrors became very old fashioned as the cost of installation and transportation was very high.

People who practice magic rarely teaches this form of art to others. They are kept very secretively. The professional people were not willing to share the knowledge with others. This used to make a new person who is interested very difficult to learn this profession. There were rules for people who are learning that they can discuss only among experience professionals.

Magics are also performed for destructive purpose, such as pick pocketing where the practitioners tend to steal money from the wallet of many people. Some of many trick makes people believe that the performer may be closely associated with spirits. There had been few practitioners who claim that they possess supernatural powers. In religious centers, there were people called as faith healers who give an appearance that they can heal sickness.

A ritual is a set of activities performed which involves words and gestures. Sometimes for carrying out these activities, even the venue is decided. Various cultures and communities have different forms of rituals. They include oath, sacraments, worships, cults and ceremonies.

Paranormal or supernatural are factors that cannot be explained using normal laws of nature. These are things that are related to god, angels, ghosts, spirits and souls. These are forces beyond miracles and magic. In olden times people even used to think lightning and seasonal change to be supernatural. Later they realized that it had a natural explanation.

According to psychology the rituals are used repeatedly to control fear and anxiety. It includes processions, dance and songs which are followed for generations. The ritual that leads to using supernatural powers for selfish or evil purpose is termed as black magic. Voodoo is one of the common forms of black magic. This practice is always associated with dolls. The object is cursed and whatever we do with the doll has similar effects on the person. This form of ritual was practiced for many centuries.

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