dimanche 14 octobre 2018

Benefits Of Dance Competitions Chicago

By Larry Carter

Everyone nowadays is dancing from the children to old people. Each of these people has a reason why they are taking part in dances. Some want to improve their health and fitness by exercising, while others want to interact and make friends. Only a few do it for competitive reasons. Competitive dancers are becoming popular and are building a great reputation. Below are some of the benefits of dance competitions Chicago.

When you come out of the comfort of the studio and get to the stage, your experience as a dancer goes to a new different level. The stage is different from the studio in that there is a large crowd, bright lights and one has to deal with nerves. When you make a mistake, you must recover fast or cost the whole troupe. Giving a performance in front of a crowd and judges provides you with an experience that cannot be found in the studio.

The next benefit is that you get feedback from professional. Judges who are on the stage awarding marks watch every movement of a crew or dancers to look for flaws or strength. After you are done performing, they give their opinions and comments. They will criticize what is not right and give valuable information on how you can improve and do better next time. People who are serious can benefit a lot in the future from the feedback.

Some talented dancers grow old without meeting a professional who can notice their talents and create new opportunities or help them develop their talents. This is common for people who only train in studios. Dancers get the chance to get seen when they perform, by the best professionals in this industry. Those with outstanding talents are given scholarships and others get job opportunities hence improving their lives. Without competitions, talents cannot be identified in dancers.

Similarly, competitions help dancers create networks. They attract large crowds some professionals from different states. One gets to connect with new people or enthusiast. These people are from different backgrounds hence you get to learn about new cultures and create networks that will be helpful to you in the future.

A lot of people especially those who practice routines in studios live in a comfort zone and do not strive to do better or work harder. Taking part in competitions will get you out of the comfort zone and raise your standards because the teachers, choreographers and the dancers will strive to do better because they will be performing in a whole different level and environment. Everyone begins to strive for better styles and more polished performances.

Moreover, they teach you teamwork and organization. In a crew, people must work together. In case one of the dancers fails to give everything when performing, it is the whole crew that loses points. If you are looking to learn teamwork, working as a troupe is the best way to do so. When practicing routines, they learn organizational skills.

Finally, every time a dance crew loses a competition, they tend to work harder after that and correct their flaws so that next time they are getting on stage, they take the trophy. Competitive dancing, therefore, teaches people resilience.

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