dimanche 21 octobre 2018

We Talk About Bait And Tackle

By Anthony Anderson

This either talks about the typical fishing or the urban dictionary version where you would need an account like Facebook to understand what it basically means. Either way, we will be discussing both just to clear things up a little. This way, you will not be confused anymore when someone talks about it. Though, honestly. Even the urban meaning to this is a little bit on the old side. And that is saying something. So here is Bait And Tackle Dryden Ontario Canada.

So basically, if you do not have something that entices the fish to take a bite out of what is obviously a path to their demise, then you will not get any of them right into your bucket. Not to worry since there are all kinds of different baits for you to choose. Maybe even all the different flavors will seduce them into biting your hook.

Let us give you the bare bones of this definition that apparently has nothing to do with literal fishing. Basically, this is online flirting. That is it. No other meaning to it and if you want a more specific kind of description, it honestly is not that impressive because it actually is kind of manipulative and very cheesy.

Then there is this gear that is all attached to at the end of the fishing line. That thing is called a terminal tackle, apparently. Again, there is a lot of variety on this and they are clevises, spinners, blades, spoons, beads, snaps, wire and split rings, floats, sinkers, swivels, leaders, and hooks also.

Of course, there is not just those to worry about. Fishermen did not get that impressive in their jobs just by chance. They learned to practice some techniques along the way too and have so many experiences right under their belts. They know which side of a lake is the best place to start too.

Unless, of course, it was intended for a joke. In that case, WHY is it done as a gag? Is that not insulting to your crush? Or was it done with the intention of actually making people laugh at your obvious flirting? Hopefully, EVERYONE there actually gets that it was all a joke and there was nothing insulting in there.

This literally is flirting on the next level to be perfectly honest. A very outdated version of flirting where you suck u and drop names. Another name for it is maybe brown nosing, which is kind of funny because there is another term to call it and describes it a lot more accurately. But for the sake of family friendly content, let us call this one butt kissing.

As a kid, you have had to have thoughts like these, right? Well, to answer that query, and to satisfy our own little mystery, the reason they do not just let go like a decent and smart creature is that this literally is a hook. Meaning, as soon as their mouth surrounds that thing, the sharp part pierces through the cheek and traps you anyway.

Regardless, the point of this topic is that be careful when you search the term tackle and bait. Or the other way around. We only explained the most innocent definition. There are worse ones out there.

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