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Tips For Renting A Photo Booth For Wedding Asheville

By Carol Murphy

Entertainment is a vital factor for any event. One of the most common ways people entertain themselves in a wedding is by taking pictures. Nowadays, people are using image booths which have evolved a lot since they were introduced. You will find many with different features and instead of purchasing one for a single event, renting is the best option. Below are factors to consider when renting a photo booth for wedding Asheville.

The first tip is choosing between closed and open-air booths. If you select a closed one, it is easy to use and it is self-contained. The problem is that it is difficult to transport and the number of people it can accommodate is limited. The open ones, on the other hand, have enough space hence can accommodate a lot of guest for a picture at the same time. Pictures are amazing when taken in large groups. However, stick to what you prefer.

The next tip is listing the companies that rent these gadgets out. Put down on a paper the companies that rent out and go through their reviews. Doing so will help you know the reputation of the people you are working with. Visit the website of the company and read reviews to see what customers are saying about them. Pick the companies with good reviews.

The other thing to remember is to ask for a portfolio of their previous work. Getting the gallery is very crucial for the purposes of checking the quality of the images. Request for printed images of the recent events they have attended so that you can know what to expect. The quality of pictures can tell you the type of equipment used by the company. Avoid people who cannot provide you with a gallery since you cannot be sure of what they can do.

Also, the price is a factor. Many people have a tight budget for the weddings hence are tempted to go for the cheapest rental services. Others with no financial problems think paying the highest rates will guarantee them quality services. This is not true. There are a lot of elements that affect the price including the type of props and image printing. A service might be cheap but does not offer changeable backdrops. It is the reason you should assess all elements affecting the cost.

Additionally, check the time for hire. Most companies rent from two to four hours for weddings. It is enough time for the attendees to enjoy themselves while taking pictures. However, if you want the booth for the whole day, rent from people who provide tailored orders where you can stay with it for long based on your requirement.

The space in the venue is a factor to consider too. You might get something very large that cannot fit in the area you had set aside. It is good to take measurements of the area and keep them in mind so that you pick the right size. The average size of the boxes is three by three meters so whatever space you have in place must be bigger than that.

In conclusion, choose rental companies that produce various types of images. Some people want photos they can later convert into photo albums. You should opt for people who can produce digital copies of the pictures. That way, guests will not take away everything.

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