mardi 30 octobre 2018

Digital Arts As The Mainstream In This Generation

By Walter Ross

Humans, especially those who are Millennials and Generation Z, are so dependent with the application of technologies. You rarely see people sitting on a bench while gazing up the sky because most were probably on cafeterias and gazing down at their phones. It cannot be helped since those devices or gadgets had helped these people in several ways. Furthermore, they can also have access on the internet and share lots of things there including their own views of arts. That is why many individuals would like to have some applications for digital download art.

Now that the world is in Information Age, the use of computers become very vital and relevant. Doing things in manual like writing using papers and pens, calculating math equations using calculators and others are slowly being replaced with electronics. No wonder that even in arts, those devices are also being applied. People can now draw and paint using applications on their phones, laptops, tablets or PCs.

Digital arts was discovered in 1980s and until now, this term is still being used. Any pictures or images that are created by computers or any gadgets like tablets or phones are considered to be as digital art. Anyone can really try this knowing that many applications can be downloaded for this. Since technologies keep on improving, more programs are created that can be utilized in making your own art.

In addition, this had been utilized in many settings. For educational purpose, teachers can apply this for those visual learners so their learning will easily be acquired. For business, graphics are very useful to make their product more appealing. Even in cinematography, this art is indeed useful and a great ingredient to make their film better. Nevertheless, is this considered as the highest form of art now?

Traditional artists may somehow find this not rather effective. Knowing that this could be easily made with the use of computers, it may lose the essence of art. Furthermore, it loses the authenticity because other people can just copy it and others may not know whether it is original or not. Furthermore, it still contains advantages.

For beginners, they would really enjoy this knowing that gadgets are involved in making their own creation. Many applications are now available to download so you could make your ideal picture in mind. You do not need to spend money on buying canvas and acrylic paints for you to paint.

This is cheaper and much faster. Sometimes traditional methods are very risky. You have to be careful to avoid mistakes. But with this, you could just press the Undo button or the shortcut key so those mistakes will be eliminated and you may try once more.

No need to fear mistakes and just continue on exploring. With many different tools and colors provided, you have the freedom to try any of them. Unlike traditional painting which sometimes may take a lifetime, this method can certainly be faster and convenient. Afterwards, you save it and make some duplication as back-up.

Indeed that art is very advantageous. Nonetheless, never forget about the traditional method. After explore that art, try using real paints and canvas with your artistic hands.

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