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Custom Portrait Painting From Photo, An Original Idea For Your Lovely Partner

By Sarah Miller

There is nothing like art, it is expressive and can make your home look incredible at the same time. But have you heard of Limited edition digital painting? Everything is so technological these days that you can t go wrong with art that is the same way. Custom portrait painting from photo looks amazing and it can be a great addition to what you already have in your home.

Many may know of this art but not in detail, particularly if they are not in the industry. It is the sort of art that is created using a computer. All the supplies an artist requires are on a program, this includes brushes, colors, shapes and many more. So beautiful forms are created and then they are transferred from the PC screen to an appropriate material.

It is different from the painting created by hand in that a human hand is not capable of creating perfects shapes and repeat them without flaws. On the other hand, a computer can do this without struggling. The artist can just issue the same commands as before to the computer and it will reproduce the same shape as before. So you will be able to see work that was done with the free hand and work that is computer done.

If flawlessness does not convince you to try exploring art in this way, computers have an undo button. You can explore and make different combinations, but when something goes south you won t have to throw out the entire idea. You can just undo the part or section you don t like and continue from there. On a traditional canvas you can t change your strokes once you have inked it is on there, you will have to change an entire piece.

The artists who do this kind of artform are about adding the outside elements into their art pieces. This is done by taking actual pictures of things that the artist would like to be part of the piece they are creating. The picture is taken and then edited into your piece, this usually looks very beautiful and blends in well. With the correct editing programs, you too can create something this great.

There is a form of computer art that comes close to freehand art, it is known as the raster. Instead of using formulas to execute certain things they opt to draw everything using their hand. So it is not on a traditional canvas but it looks traditional because they use a brush to make the relevant strokes. Looking at the artwork you might find it hard to distinguish between a computer and the free hand not drawn in one.

Another really worthy style is the vector. This comprises of all the different shapes that the artist uses in their piece. They can select these from the computers or draw them by hand freely still using the computer. From then on they get creative and change the shapes however they wish. This can be a very gorgeous art, it is known as the vector.

Whether you are an artist or just an admirer this is something to look into. There are some fine pieces you can purchase for your own interest but as an artist, you can give this way of doing things a shot.

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