mardi 30 avril 2019

7 Ways On How To Become An Indoor Mural Artist

By Thomas Thompson

Art is something that most people enjoy. However, the real lovers of art have their own unique vibe. As simple as it may seem, art needs experience and passion. Passion is however what drives most artists because you may have the experience but lack the passion. Hence, if you want to become a muralist, you must have a passion for it so that your work can easily sell itself. Muralists usually paint tiles, walls, floors, ceilings and other big surfaces. Thus, you need to learn to become a muralist. Below are a few steps to help you become an indoor mural artist.

Different disciplines have their backgrounds. Similarly, art also has its history. Hence, if you would like to become a painter, you should be ready to find out the basics of art. Also, ensure that you learn the entire history of art so that you can have an idea of its origin. This way, you will learn essential things like perspective, composition and color usage.

After learning the basics and history or arts, it is advisable to take advanced studies on the same. Additionally, you should start looking for your own style. This comes naturally if you are sure about becoming a painter. The internet and the library can also be excellent resources when looking for your style. You can also visit museums, local art centers, workshops, and colleges. Also, earning a masters or bachelors degree will help you a lot.

To gain more experience as a muralist, you can start by working as a helper, apprentice or intern under the guidance of a professional muralist. This will help you to learn the skill and tricks of the trade. For instance, you will learn to estimate the cost and quantity of materials needed for a particular project. Also, you will learn several job hunting and business skills.

As much as you learn from professional muralists, make sure that you also find some time to draw on your own. This is the best way to discover your style. Freehand painting is encouraged, but you can use digital software as well. When painting, ensure that you learn how to use all the necessary tools that most established muralists use.

As you continue to gain more experience, ensure that you have started building your online and offline portfolios. These portfolios will help you sell your work. Ensure that you upload videos as well as paintings of your recent works with skilled muralists. This will help sell your work easily and attract prospective employers as well as clients.

In case you wish to be employed, ensure that you are open-minded. Thus, look for employment on online boards and networking sites. Ensure that you have offered your skills to museums, hospitals, restaurants, construction companies, advertising agencies and zoos among others. If you widen your scope when looking for jobs, you will get more opportunities.

Nevertheless, if you do not want to be employed, setting up your own business is the best way to survive in the industry. Hence, ensure that you have equipped yourself with managerial skills and follow the necessary steps to setting up an art company of your own.

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