dimanche 28 avril 2019

Discovering Strolling Magician Orlando And Key West

By Thomas Lewis

While there are street performers and vendors in many areas of the United States, there are a few cities in which these performers and others are more prevalent. These include, New York, New Orleans, Austin, Orlando and Key West. Whether stopping a strolling magician Orlando, or visiting Key West, Florida has a lot to offer when it comes to street performers.

While there are a number of street performers and food vendors in Orlando, one of the most popular areas for street performers is that of Key West. For, in 2018 TripAdvisor provided a Certificate of Excellence to the entertainment district and nightly sunset celebration festival. While this is the case, it is believed that the naturalist, John Audubon photographed and wrote about the amazing sunsets long before the celebrations began to take place.

Most locals believe it was actually Tennessee Williams whom inspired the celebration. For, the playwright and poet could be found adoring the Sun and applauding as it sank below the horizon each evening. Regardless, the sunset celebration which started years ago has now become a huge success.

Whether loving live African drum and dance, music of an island flair, singer songwriters, six-string guitar players, a one person band or bagpipes, there is often something for everyone at this ongoing nightly event. Every night, the variety of music provides the soundtrack to what has been an ongoing celebration for years. While most of these individuals are local performers, there can also be a number of visiting musicians and performers during different times of the year.

Recently, danger acts have become more popular, most likely due to the thrills people have experienced while watching such acts on American's Got Talent or similar shows. For, there are often fire dancers, jugglers, knife throwers, magicians, uni-cyclists, stunt people, high wire acts and hand balancers performing in the square. One of the acts which has become a favorite among locals and visitors is that of cats whom jump through hoops of fire while performing tricks which are unique and unusual for most felines.

Individuals attending the celebration often find comedy troupes, poets and storytellers among the entertainers. While this is the case, the performers can often be transients which can be good as there can often be new and different performers each and every evening. Whereas, as might be expected, local and traveling street performers are often working for tips so gratuities are always appreciated unless otherwise advised.

Vendors include a great selection of wares from local and traveling artists and craftsmen. These include, souvenirs, clothing, painting, jewelry and toys. Whereas, there are also a number of food and drink vendors on site. One such vendor which has become famous is that of Martin and Lewis Bagels and Cream Cheese. Whereas, there are a number of others, including upper scale food trucks offering gourmet food items as well as those offering festival food favorites, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Mallory Square and Key West have long been interconnected. For, without the nightly celebration of the sunset, Key West would not be Key West. Whereas, if not for Key West, Mallory Square would not be the same magical vibrant place it has become over the years. While this is the case, it is ultimately the locals and visitors in attendance each and every evening which has made the celebration the successful event it is today.

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