mardi 9 avril 2019

Touch-points On How To Make Paper Beads

By Matthew Bennett

There are a lot of fun things people can do when at home, particularly easy craft. This includes making good things out of junk. Below are some steps on how to make paper beads out of junk materials. Tools needed include glue, scissors, pencil or pen, varnish, ruler, string, an assortment of papers, paper plate, and dowel or toothpick

Step one is to cut triangles out of colored magazines, newspapers or construction papers using a pair of scissors or a craft knife. The triangles should be long. One can use a paper template to guide him or her in the cutting. The width of a bead is usually the base of the triangle. You then draw on each cut-out your design using pens, pencils or markers. Your design should be focused on the outermost edges and the paper tips since they are the only ones which can be visible. You then add a bit of glue to the sharp end.

Step two is to use a toothpick, dowel or bamboo skewer to roll the triangle round itself to make a cylinder, starting from the broad end. If you want a free-form design, you can let the triangle roll a little off-centered or if you want a proportioned spiral, let the triangle become centered. Hanging space should be avoided by rolling your beads firmly for long-lasting products. You can apply glue at intervals to ensure you paper does not roll out.

The third step involves gluing the aforesaid rolled piece of paper on the apex. Caution should be taken to ensure that it stays firmly rolled. Other considerations that you should put in place are to ascertain the paper is glued down. This ensures that the pressure conveyed is effectively absorbed. If the gluing does not work, you should apply once anew till it functions appropriately.

The next step is to apply varnish to the bead on dry the glue. This makes it water resistant. It is prudent to swivel them around the cocktail stick so as to prevent them from sticking when completely dry. Ensure the glue dries completely and ensure it does not attach to something else. A toothpick stuck into a pincushion or some foam can also be used to shove the excess glue. A longer-lasting and glossier finish can be achieved by adding several coats.

After the beads are dry and the varnish is well set, remove them from the dowel and place them in strings. Sliding the beads off the cocktail stick is a safe way of removing the beads and ensuring the safety of your work. If some items untie, it shows that the paper was not wrapped or glued well. Think of putting them back to the cocktail stick and add more glue. Leave them to dry for some more hours.

The other step is to ensure you wipe out traces of glue before you start making another bead to prevent it from sticking out. After completion of the above steps, you are now in a position to create long strings and use them to make bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and home decors. Decorate your beads by adding glitter and paint on them.

Though this project might be flimsy, the outcome is dependent on the glue and glaze you use. A number of items can be made out of this task including bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earrings. Home decors can also be made out of this. Before stacking your old papers into the bin, consider making something great out of them.

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