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A Guide Into Organizing A Classic Concert Band Performance

By William Reed

Organizing major concerts that can be attended by thousands of people is a tedious and challenging exercise. The event will have to be unforgettable for the fans to come back again or follow your band to wherever it goes. However, this feeling can never be achieved if the venue where the concerts will be performed is not wisely selected. Take a keen look at the points highlighted below to organize a great venue for a concert band.

The main activity taking place in concerts is merrymaking and full-time dancing. However, people cannot stay entertained when they cannot have something to bite or drink to get them refreshed and energized. As such, organizers must find a venue that has all these services in it to make it easier for the participants. However, you must agree with the management that nothing shall be overcharged to prevent the exploitation of participants.

While looking for possible venues, accessibility should be the number one objective. People will come from different cities to see their beloved bands and might have difficulties tracking the location. Therefore, embark on looking for facilities which are within accessible roads and close to major bus terminals for easier access to those people using public means. Additionally, secure parking space has to be there for participants that will come with their cars.

How will the crowd be kept busy before the main performing artists come on the stage? People should feel comfortable as soon as they arrive in the vicinity. Music playing from radio cannot entertain them properly. Therefore, organize with a few artists to come and promote their new songs on this event at a subsidized fee. Also, ensure there are cocktails and food joints around for those that might be hungry.

Seasoned bands know that crowd participation is healthy when the performance is on. Everyone at the event has come for the music and must be made to participate in one way or another. Issue them with wristbands that emit light and if possible offer them some radio frequency receiving gadgets. These bands should have software to control them whereby different signals can be sent on certain songs.

It is obvious that bands are expected to perform without breaking until the wee hours of morning. However, this is not practical considering that both the performing artists and the crowd will need time for a break. Use the break for distributing the albums to interested participants and allow the facility owners to sell their beverages and food. In case the crowd rants for more music, invited artists can be given the platform.

Artists offering live performance may not gain expected income from the entrance fees only. Taking the VIPs to a special lounge where they can be treated to the occasion is necessary. For such treatments, they shall be required to part with more dollars that could turn around the money collected on a single occasion. Also, it will be an amazing chance for each member to purchase an album hence increasing your income.

Maintaining order during and after the entertainment is key to the oncoming events. If the vehicles are not protected, people will not come to any of your events. The same will happen if the crowd is not controlled properly. Install the cameras and hire the best guards to manage the stage, entrance and exit points.

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