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Tips To Follow To Identify Rare Postage Stamps

By Scott Wagner

Over the years, stamp collectors continuously dream of finding valuable stamps. They focus more of their energy and time towards getting them. However, to find and identify Rare Postage Stamps is difficult. It requires one to have skills and knowledge of philately. It is important to note that they are becoming rare due to various factors like errors in printing, content and perforation.

Age is another essential factor that makes them scarce especially when they get older. Additionally, they are becoming rarer because collectors are continuously keeping them in permanent collections. This makes the collecting process to be more valuable as the value of each stamp increases with time.

There is a need for one to have skills of differentiating each stamp from another. There are mint ones which are also known to have a fine condition. They are rare to find as they are considered to have a great value which in turn increases their prices as they still have their original gum, no defects and do not have cancellation marks. However, used ones have lost value as none of the above characteristics can be sold at a lower cost.

There is a need for one to measure the number of perforations on the edge of a stamp. This task needs to be done by use of a perforation gauge which gives ideas on those with similar and different perforations. Additionally, comparing them, those that look similar might be having different perforations. This makes the rare a factor that improves its value in a great way.

It is necessary for you to conduct research on each stamp you have. You will understand whether it is common or rare through checking from relevant sources like the Scott catalog. Checking on the resource material carefully, you will understand that the rarest stamp was used a very long time ago. It is the rarest in the world and most valued.

Consider checking the print errors. You need to realize that in some cases, a small batch of stamps will have been printed with mistakes and distributed before rectifying them. A famous one is the one thousand nine hundred and eighteen Inverted Jenny which was an airmail stamp. It has a pane of one hundred that was printed upside down by accident which made it sell expensively to-date.

It is necessary for one to check the content error. Take time to compare the content of your stamp with what is provided on the Scott catalog. For example, there are some sheets that were mistakenly printed with images of rodeo star Ben Pickett issued in year one thousand nine hundred and ninety-four. They were required to have the image of his brother Bill which as well increased their value compared to the rest.

Moreover, the use of the Scott Catalog can be helpful since it acts as a standard stamp reference guide. There is a need to note that it is updated annually which means that the information to acquire from is relevant. You are required to list down every stamp in the world best-known to you with some expectations. This way, you will have a chance of understanding their values.

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