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Atlanta Art Framing Specialists Will Make Your Picture Say More Than A Thousand Words

By Scott L. Jage

Going art hunting for that special painting in your home is always exciting. Galleries usually have a lot of work on show and it's nice to go looking around to find that perfect piece. When on the lookout for good piece of art, it's also important to find the best suited frame, and a great way to do this is by seeking the help of an Atlanta art framing company.

Whether you are looking at getting in a stunning oil or acrylic painting, or even a water color, you will need to get the right frame for the picture. Frames are vital in that they can make or break a piece of art. Far too often, the wrong frames are used when exhibiting a piece of art work and the picture loses its appeal due to the wrong bordering.

When you are looking to buy in art for your home, make sure that it suits the rest of your decor. Try not to have too big a piece of art in a small room or too many little ones in a big home. When you decide to buy in art, remember that it does not come cheap and that you should spend your money wisely, as the idea with fine art is that it will increase in value as time goes on. Artwork is always a good investment, so spending a little more now will be beneficial in the long run.

Different paintings and pieces of art work will suit various places in your home, but usually people go looking for a picture or design for a special space. One may find that you have just the right spot for a family portrait which you have had commissioned. Pictures such as portraits will need the right frame, and it's important to remember that if you are going to have a have picture in your home, that you will need a corresponding frame.

Something else to watch for in a frame is to use one of the colors in the piece. Try going for a tone used in the picture, as this sometimes enhances the design, which is after all the idea behind a frame. You want something that will bring out the colors and tones in the piece and really allow the message of the artist to stand out.

A lovely mirror is also quite easily framed and acts as a beautiful piece of furniture as well. When framing a mirror, you have the option to guild the mirror in the frame. Sometimes this acts as a double framed effect and is very beautiful.

When framing a picture, it is important to see what the finish is. The painting will be in either water color or oils. Acrylic paintings do not need to have glass in front of them for protection, whereas water colors need the glass to protect the piece from the elements.

Remember that the frame, with the glass, is actually there to protect your picture. Most original pieces of work need to be exhibited in their natural state, and in most cases the glass in front of the picture is not needed, especially when the medium used is oil or acrylic paint. Before deciding on a boarder, get the opinion of an Atlanta art framing specialist.

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