lundi 1 avril 2013

I Love Watching Dora The Explorer

By Drake Lamit

Dora the Explorer is a popular televisions show that a lot of children view. Most grown ups also are conscious of Dora the Explorer, because their kids or grandkids watch this. So what is so fun about this animation about a girl and her pals that go on different activities and perform along the way?

When you tune in to watch one of the episodes you're immediately drawn in by the beautiful colors which have been used to represent the different characters in the cartoon.

Dora is really a young girl who along with her best friend Boots continues to go on many adventures. Children usually long to go on adventures themselves, whether it be outside the house or to a different community altogether.

Everybody knows that kids possess big imaginations, they constantly come up with stuff that devy the natural order of existence and have fun whilst doing it. Dora is like this also which attracts plenty of kids to look at the cartoon.

Dora is always assisting one of her friends. Young children love to assist. Helping out either around the house or even helping a friend makes a child feel essential. Children usually get excited when Dora helps one of her best friends.

Audiences who watch Dora the Explorer will also learn to speak the spanish language. Dora herself is actually hispanic and through the show she uses easy spanish words to make you confident with the language. Children like this and they pick the words up quickly. Quicker compared to when they are relaxing in class and trying to learn it.

Swiper, the evil villain of the show, is really a thief that always tries to swipe things that are not his. While he is in the act, you can assist Dora by yelling "Swiper, no swiping" 3 times and he must retreat in defeat.

Using this method they are able to quit that horrible Swiper from stealing items that don't belong to him, this is an important part of the cartoon. After doing this you have surely saved the day and Dora and Boots will go ahead with their journey. This climatic scene happens in every episode and youngsters are always looking for that part.

The toon has so many enjoyable things in it, like different songs. After each episode there is a well known song that Dora sings and all the children that faithfully watch the show know the song. While Dora is singing, you are able to sing and dance with her.

Dora the Explorer is a great show to view because not only is it extremely entertaining, each episode also feels like an experience that you should not have skipped.

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