vendredi 5 avril 2013

How To Rank Higher On Youtube In Standard Way?

By Tyrone Shum

This is the Youtube Marketing Challenge where you could earn plenty of dollars amount of prizes just like a brand new Canon 600D and also half a million views channel in half a year. Here's this week's tip.

This week's tip ought to create links back to your videos to be able to rank better on your Youtube search for their keywords. Youtube and Google tracks your video search ranking by computing how significant your video is. One of the factors in the calculation are how many links there are to your video throughout the internet. Backlinking needs to be done continuously in a period of time but ensuring not to create backlinks once-off.

So here's the right way to create a backlink. Step one, get the link plus the embed code from your Youtube video. Step two, submit your Youtube video embed code to your Wordpress website. Now if you don't have a Wordpress website, just watch this video on how you can create one. Step three, enter your keywords and create a link. This is where you paste your Youtube link and add some keyword again for your anchor text. That's it, you've produced a backlink!

So here's how you can build a massive stream of backlinks back towards your videos. Number one, embed your videos on web 2.0 websites. Embed your videos on Wikihow, Blogger, Tumblr, Wordpress and Squidoo websites. Create posts or embed your videos and leave comments on other blogs.

Number two, use Unique Article Wizard. Use Unique Article Wizard to submit transcriptions with your videos to article directories and make sure you embed your videos in these articles. Number three, use Traffic Geyser. Look for a gig on Fiverr where someone utilizes Traffic Geyser to produce backlinks to your video. Provide them with the link to your video and your keywords and allow them take care of the rest.

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