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Simple Steps To Coloring Gray Hair

By Cherry Mercer

No one likes to get older, but seeing the changing hues in a person's hair is a telltale sign. Sometimes, gray on the head can symbolize wisdom for most people. However, some believe that it reveals your true age. If this is you, you are probably ready to head for a stylist. Before paying lots of money to get it done, try coloring gray hair at home with these easy tips.

Stylists are trained in proper head care and how to correctly apply dye. Many people would use a stylist because of their experience. However, using a stylist can be expensive, and not always the right method for some people. If that is the case for you, try using dye at home.

At-home dyes, on the other hand, are cheaper and require less work than going to a stylist. The thing with at-home dyes is that you must be able to perform the dyeing technique correctly. Using too much in one area can burn the follicles causing bald spots. It is important to follow the directions carefully when using at-home dyes.

At-home dyes can be messy if not properly mixed. Using the wrong materials or none at all will make it harder. When you mix the agents together to create the dye, remember to use plastic gloves and have a wet towel nearby. The gloves protect you from the active chemicals.

Part your locks into four sections using clips or barrettes. Start at the base near the follicles and move your way up to the end. Keeping dye off the scalp as much as possible is not always achievable. Remember that it will rinse off after the waiting period. Work each section until you have covered your entire head.

People locks down their back will use up to two boxes of dye or more. People with shoulder length locks will likely use only one box, but an additional box may be used for touch ups. Choose the amount of dye depending on the length of your locks. After the area has been saturated with dye, it should sit for at least 45 minutes. Most natural dyes, which cause less damage, usually sit for a couple of hours or more.

Once the waiting period is over, rinse the dye thoroughly with warm water. Rinse in the sink or in a shower, however you rid of the dye, be sure to rinse until the water runs clear. Next, you will be applying conditioner that helps to keep the dye from washing out. Most people find that darker colors color grey much better than lighter colors.

If you wait longer than 45 minutes for the dye to set, you may experience balding. This is because the chemicals in dye make it easy to damage locks if the instructions are not correctly followed. Also, try not to wash your hair with shampoo for a few days. Coloring gray hair on your own may take a few tries, but if you follow the instructions, you will make out fine.

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