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Reasons For Turban Tying As A Fashion Trend

By Camille Nicholson

This is a piece of cloth that is worn by many people in the world today. It is a common mode of dressing that users wear on their heads. They wear it for various purposes and they vary from one person to another. Some practice turban tying for beauty. Other people may wear the gear to conceal their unkempt hair or more specifically to hide hair loss as a result of cancer. Others tie it due to religious beliefs like the Muslims.

Well covered hair is good to look at for those who would want to keep long hair free from dirt. One great way to keep the hair well tucked and covered is by the use of a scarf. It is a piece of cloth or scarf that is wound up around the head. Some users would rather cover their entire hair while others want it the other way.

A well-worn scarf on the other hand looks great on a person and it could be worn both during the day or night depending on the individual wearing it. In general, a well-worn scarf is good. Most people wonder how to go about fixing it and have a good look.

Different pieces can be used to tie it. Some are square in shape and others rectangular. They make an attractive scarf for your dressing code. An important step in this procedure is to make sure that your hair is tightly tied so that it looks smart on you. Tie your hair in a style that best suits you.

Pick them so that they are on your back. Then fold them upwards to enable it cover your entire head by fixing both parts with each other. The next step is to fix the pair by making a knot. It should not be in front. Ensure that all is in the cloth by putting them inside so that they look neat and organized. This way, your entire skull is covered.

Place the center of a cloth at the back of your head. Then pick two ends of a cloth and pull them to the front. Twist them against each other then pull the ends again up to the back of your head and tie knot. At that point you can tuck in any part of hair that may be sticking out of a scarf. After twisting, pull these ends to the back. After that, make a tight knot like in the above case. It necessary to tuck in loose hairs so that it makes you look attractive and smart. There you have it, a well tied head gear.

The other type of head band is a little bit challenging to tie. Most people regard a square one difficult to knot because of its complexity. The first step in fixing a square one is to fold it along its diagonals to form a triangular shape. The triangular shape is then placed on top of your head by putting the upper point in front so that other points hang by your shoulder. Bring forward hanging loose points to your front and fix all your hair.

There are other designs available for users to apply depending on an occasion, body type and preference. It is not a bad idea trying out all designs and settle for the best. Regardless of reasons to wear a headgear, be it for medical purposes, be it to conceal your unkempt hair, or any other reason, the bottom line is that you have to learn ways of turban tying nicely to look good. Remember, the less that an individual interacts with their turban; the less they are bound to know concerning it.

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