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Where To Go Cycling In Michigan

By Adela Beasley

Getting out and enjoying the sights and smells of the outdoors is a must for those traveling or living in Michigan. When beach time becomes too mundane, head to the trails and check out some hot spots to go cycling in Michigan. More and more people have realized what a great hobby it is, making it more popular over the past couple years. Here are some unique routes that this mitten state has to offer.

Cycling does not just have to be about exercising. Make the trip educational as well by following part of the Underground Railroad Bicycle Route. For those Michiganders and out of state tourists that want to explore the city of Detroit more in depth and check out historical sites should look into the Detroit Alternate. This 518-mile trail begins in Toledo, Ohio, then heads through to Detroit, Michigan, goes around Lake St. Clair and ends up in Owen Sound, Ontario. The Underground Railroad Bicycle Route stretches across numerous states though, so if time is not an issue, check out some other routes and see if any of them can be added to the trip.

For those who do not find cycling 518-miles appealing, the Pere Marquette Rail-Trail might be a better option. It is one of the most popular trails in the state and for good reason. Because there are numerous starting points along the route, those that are looking for a shorter trip with the family can jump in the middle of the trail. There are also benches along the way to prop up the feet for a much needed break. The wildlife on this trail is also quite a sight. With birds, squirrels, and deer found on the way, there is something to see and enjoy for everyone. Those that want to do the entire 87.3 miles will go through Clare, Lake, Midland, and Osceola which are great towns to stop in and grab some sweet treats before continuing on or turning around.

Michigan is known as the Great Lake State, so what better way to see them than by cycling next to one of them. The Shoreline West route begins in Montague and heads north all the way up to Mackinac taking the cyclist nearby shoreline of Lake Michigan. There are State parks along the way to rest at as well as amazing vineyards where wine tasting can be experienced. Try and not drink and cycle at the same time though.

Keep an eye out for the potential 924-mile bike trail that might be starting from the eastern part of the State going across the Mackinac Bridge, riding the coast of pristine Lake Superior in the Upper Peninsula, and eventually reaching Wisconsin. This is a bike and hike trail with an amazing route planned, so fingers crossed, it will be approved and ready to go in the near future.

Local Michiganders that need a shorter and closer route should check out route sharing websites that can be easily found on the web. These sights are invaluable and are loaded with information regarding the elevation change, distance, time, and location. This can be found for both mountain and road cyclists. Another option is to check in at the local bike shop to get some advice or search some of the cycling forums.

With the route picked, the helmets, packed, and the food and bike supplies ready to go, make sure to double check everything. Bring a camera along to capture these memories and for those looking for at doing the longer routes, consider purchasing a map from the local shop.

Take advantage of cycling in Michigan this year. Find a route that sounds interesting and is long enough but not too long. Remember that it is not about the destination but the journey and memories made along the way. Enjoy.

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