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Art & Becoming Educated About Color

By Bob Oliver

When learning from the best art campuses, it's clear that some aspects will stand out to you more than others. Amongst the top three that will spring to mind first, I have to believe that color stands firmly. Various hues can come together in order to create specific moods, which is a point that very few will be able to argue against. What are some of the specifics, though, and what will you be able to gain from keeping said colors in mind?

As you can probably imagine, the aforementioned colleges can tell you that color is effective when it comes to bringing about certain feelings in pictures. Let's say that you were to create a landscape with a sunset in the background; wouldn't something like this require more relaxing, softer hues? By comparison, a portrait that has far too many extreme colors may lead one to become overwhelmed in terms of the visual sense. The ability to select colors - in order to make pieces of art stand out more so - has to be understood.

I have to believe that it's because of mood that pieces of art are typically brought to people's attention more so than anything else. Of course, they have to be created smartly, such as utilizing a blue for the sky as opposed to red. Instead of something more intimidating that might have been created due to the latter shade, the former is more relaxing by comparison. If you want to be mindful when choosing colors, it's apparent that schools along the lines of these can help you out.

Of course, it's not like colors are relegated to certain emotions or feelings on their own. Blue, in my opinion, is a color that can be rather relaxing if it is incorporated with effectiveness. However, one can easily make the argument that blue is a solemn color, as it should not be utilized in order to create a positive feeling. It's a point that is easy to understand and artists have to be careful about how they bring certain hues into their products later on down the road.

Color is vital when it comes to art, as you can probably imagine. When you enroll yourself in these particular colleges, perhaps you will learn more about color than you would have ever expected but I think that this element is one of the most important. If a piece of art is made well but does not have a strong color palate, it may not gain as much attention in the long run. Be mindful when it comes to selecting the particular hues to utilize.

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