dimanche 10 août 2014

The Proper Violin Hand Posture

By Tanisha Berg

Playing the violin is something that is often associated with a kind of style and elegance. It is an instrument that can take time to learn and a long time to master. Aside from reading music and learning the correct way to play a big part of playing the instrument is the correct violin hand posture.

Part of the problem is that people who learn to play may not always get taught well. In some cases they may even have attempted to teach themselves. Inevitably this results in bad posture and inevitably this lack of correct posture will impair the quality of the music. Therefore it helps to get some form of tuition in order to properly position your hands.

This is why it is best to find the right teacher to guide you through this. The best ones will usually start with posture before playing the instrument itself. They should look at how you play and correct any incorrect hand positions while you are playing. It may seem obvious but over time bad habits get harder and harder to correct.

There are a few basic steps to be aware of when positioning the instrument so that you can play it comfortably but also get the best possible quality of music while you are playing. With the first position your thumb ought to be roughly an inch from the nut and also you should touch the neck around the middle joint of the instrument. There should be enough of a gap around the lower part of your thumb and the base of your index finger to wiggle a pencil upwards and downwards.

When playing your wrist must be straight. It is very important that your wrist does not bend inwards when you play. The reason you do this is so that you avoid your thumb or palm touching the neck of your instrument while you are playing. What you may wonder is what your left arm does while this is going on. It should be placed under the back of the instrument. If you have done this properly then you should not be able to see it while you are playing.

As you play your wrist needs to be straight. It is important that your wrist does not turn inward while you are playing. Your left arm needs to be placed under the back so you cannot see it when looking down at the top of your instrument. As you play look down rather than looking to the left.

Once you have got to grips with your posture it is important to practise over and over again. As with an athlete this is like warming up. Getting in the right position will make you physically more comfortable before you play and this often works with performance as well. There is a lot to remember but over time it will become easier and you will be able to relax before you play.

Correct posture is something that a teacher or private tutor ought to tell you. This is the first thing they are likely to be looking for. The best teachers will look to instil good habits before you begin playing your instrument. It is also worth checking online for tutorial videos to help guide you between sessions. With the right approach you will be able to get the most from your instrument.

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