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The 7 Best Science Fiction Books

By Annabelle Holman

Reading is an art yet to be chained. Humans, even in the presence of computers and other devices, still use it. The most intriguing subject being science. Below are the best science fiction books that have made this art a long lasting trait of this race and have been outstanding all along in the market.

Top on the list is Ringworld, a Larry Niven works. In this book, luck is a genetic trait that is controllable. This storyline begins on earth and ends up in the world of the puppeteers. These creatures are indestructible by matter and humans have to devise other ways to beat them. The book looks into the aspect of war between planets and the chances the human race has to survive.

The Demolished Man is a piece that could get you going. Taking place in the future, the book analyses the nature in which governments and law could shift from a democratic state to another system. In this book the psychological synchrony in the way people think and act is more like the current internet platform. The peepers who are the same people who possess this abilities, are capable of curbing cases arising due to premeditated murder for a record seventy years.

Frederik Pohl and his book the Gateway, will get you reflect on your hunger for wealth. Fast forward, the main character and a couple of other people stumble on ships that are left behind by Heechee. They mend them and set up to the visitors planets in search of wealth. Little did they know the battle ahead is tough and one to be rich you will have to lose your life or if you are tough enough make it alive.

Stand on Zanzibar written by John Brunner looks into the world of medicine and global dominance in the same. House, a leader in a global company in the move of acquiring an African nation, is set up with Hogan who is his spy. He however does not know this, the story unfolds till the end where Hogan loses his life after getting the game changing genetic engineering that shift the way things are run.

Timescape, a proud piece by Gregory Benford is an award winning book. This book involves the idea of teleporting to the future and making the necessary measures to correct a current mistake from causing a calamity in future. Gregory in this book involves drama and science to high level that will keep you going and going. A group of scientists from 1998 and 1962 are all that stood at the center of the future of the human race.

The Tiger! Tiger! New rendition or version as Stars is my Destination, done by Alfred Beester is a piece that can challenge the current mechanism put in place to handle vagabonds. The main villain in this book has the ability to teleport from one locality to another without being apprehended. This make it hard to make an arrest and in turn the man can easily get away with everything.

The Snowcrash virus created by a pizza guy in the Snowcrash novel was all it took to solve the hacking menace. This piece by Neal Stephenson, leads us to the future where the nation is in a state of helplessness as a result of cybercrimes that even the government cannot handle. As a result, many people are affected and the pizza guy is one. He sets out on a revenge mission. Just like the bulb invention process, he came with the whopping tool which is Snowcrash.

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