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The Summary Of An Adventure Novel Based In England

By Annabelle Holman

Rosemary Sutcliff is remembered as brilliant British novelist known for her books for young adults and historical fiction. She is remembered for her adventure novel based in England known as The Eagle as early as nineteen fifties.

Ninth region of Rome disappears after they march to the Northern Britain as a response to a rising among the Caledonian tribes. Four thousand men in number were lost. The father of Marcus happens to be one of the commanders of the Legion. Marcus is a centurion in a group of second Legion. He is heading to refresh his troop accompanied by his soldiers to one of bordering forts. Before long, local native tribe attacks his camp which acts as his base.

Marcus leads his troop to defend his camp against the native tribes. He is wounded badly from that war. He recovers after some days. He saves his soldiers but he is injured and it is certain that he is not in a fit condition that can enable him to resume his duty. This ends his career and ambitions too. His uncle who retired serving takes him to his home.

He lived with his uncle his leg slowly recovering. He attended Saturnalia Games where he bought a gladiator by the name Enter Esca who had lost a fight. He employs him as his servant. The two later that they share much in common. The father of Esca had served as a soldier and had disappeared the same way as that of Marcus. They came to like each other and had a close relationship.

Rumors emerge that suggest that the Ninth eagle was with other tribes. Marcus granted his slave freedom in a promise that he would be loyal. They left together to pursue the said rumors. They came to a place known as Dun which was under the leadership of Dergian and stayed there for some time. Marcus got a chance to attend ceremony only to see the eagle of their Legion although it had no wings. He knew that the Ninth must have been killed attempting to rescue it. Marcus was able to observe that it was not well guarded. The thought came of stealing. The night of vacating, Esca stole and hid it.

The two escaped with minimal challenges only to be found by the tribes, midway their journey. Marcus pretended to be confused later accepting a search. The tribes found no eagle so they continued with their journey looking for it. Esca gets the eagle where he hid it and the two resumes their journey.

The two fasten up as they are being followed up. They are also afraid of those who do not know that they stole the eagle. The major challenge is the condition of Marcus who is not fast enough. However they cannot dare stop. Again they get spotted but now by fewer pursuers. They run into a building for hiding. In the end they are able to find their way home.

Finally, they make it to the home of Marcus uncle. They forward it to him as they celebrate their victory upon returning it rallies the tribes against them. Unfortunately, the coming back of Eagle of Ninth is not enough to reform it. The achievement of Marcus is somehow diminished.

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